Life is good

The air temperature is hovering in the high 50s. In early March. In Montana. The hot tub is a perfect 103, but there’s snow within arm’s reach. I have a snifter of nicely aged ruby port, an Earl Grey dark chocolate bar, and some Blackmore’s Night (neo-medieval folk rock) on the iPod. Before my hands get wet, I pack some McClelland’s black shag (from the 221b series) in my pipe and light it. The curved stem cools the smoke just enough to keep it from being harsh. The port complements the bite of the dark chocolate.

The dog roams down into the corral, gets her paws good and muddy, and settles down to munch on some fresh horse poop. Memo to self: no doggie kisses tonight.

The cat jumps up on the edge of the hot tub, walks around behind me, and rubs against my shoulders, purring.

It’s been a long, hard, week.

Life is good.

Didn’t quite hit the 50s in Wisconsin. I sit with workout glow arm ache from pruning 4 fruit trees this afternoon. An 8 lb sirloin tip is roasting in the oven. Thats all I got.

I had a nice day skiing today. Probably the last trip of the season. My legs are a bit sore, as is one forearm that got scraped up a bit when I fell. But it got to about 40 or so, and the lift-lines were all of about 30-60 seconds long, and I had a nice unfiltered wheat beer with a chicken fillet tonight. There’s a hot shower or even a hot bathtub to go soak in when I finish this, and I’ll turn in for the night.

Eight pounds? Shall I come over for leftovers?

Man, the thing was the size of a volleyball. $1.99 a pound, so 17 bucks fed three people, I made two lunches, and we have enough for philly cheese steak sandwiches.
So, yeah, just drive East until Lake Michigan, then go one mile West of Mr Kohlers golf course.
What day will you be here?:slight_smile:

Tell me more about this wondrous thing… I love Early Grey and I love dark chocolate. Together? Sounds like heaven… What brand? Where did you get it? Please. :smiley:

That’s almost 4 kilos of meat per person! I can comfortably eat for 3 weeks on that, given a few veggies, four spoons of apple sirup, mustard, a few onions and a bag of couscous.

I’ve finished my week on call this morning. I’m enjoying leftover lamb curry and rice for lunch, and tonight my 7 year old and I will relax and play board and card games after dinner.

That Earl Grey and Chocolate combo does sound nice.

That’s a really long drive for leftovers! Maybe I’ll just barbecue up some short ribs tonight instead :wink:

I got it at a little gourmet shop down the road. I don’t remember the brand, but I’ll go grab another one (yes, it’s extra-yummy) and post the vital information. And yes, it’s dark chocolate made with Earl Grey tea.

I think your math is off. Eight pounds is about 3.6 kilos. Divided by three people is 1.2 kilos per person. That’s a lot of meat, but it’s not three weeks’ worth!