Life on Mars on DVD

I was at my parent’s this afternoon and took advantage of their digital cable to catch the first episode of Torchwood. Overall, my reaction was “meh.” It has some promise, but given the comments in this thread, I can easily see how it may devolve into a sexathon show.
But that reminded me of another BBC show I’d caught in the same manner that I want to see more of: Life on Mars, which was praised rather highly in the linked thread.

So I went to Netflix (I can do that now, woohoo!) and tried to put the series into my queue. No such luck. Not only is the show apparantly not released in the US, it’s not even making the Netflix radar for having the potential to be released. Since there is a Region 2 DVD out of the complete series, I suspect that there’s just licensing and marketing details to be arranged, but my Google-fu is insufficient to the task of finding out what the status of that might be. I’m hoping some smart, generous, and merciful Doper* might share an estimate street date with me.

*Did I lay it on thick enough?