Red Dwarf on DVD

That’s right. Season one and two. Picked 'em up on my lunch hour.

If this wasn’t a Teusday (Buffy, 24) the Mrs. and I would be watching a big old marathon of Red Dwarf tonight. I’m sure we’ll still manage to work a few episodes into our viewing schedule.

Anybody else?

Hurrah! When’s that movie out then eh? eh?

I’m not sure. It’s still carried locally here but that station (MPT) has a tendency to discontinue showing it for a few months once they’ve run through the entire series.

That’s what I get for taking so long to compose a post. :smiley:

I’m not sure about the movie either, of course. Seems that there will be a movie at some point because they’re holding off production of new episodes until it’s finished shooting. I believe they’re also using the movie as a possible springboard to launch the show into new markets.

Red Dwarf on DVD! Yay!

Time to introduce the American boyfriend unit to some good ol’ British humour.

There’s definantly a movie going ahead… I read an interview with Doug Naylor.

However my hopes for it aren’t high. Ever since Rob Grant left the series started to take itself too seriously which wasn’t good for the humour.

Grant is credited as a writer on the IMDb. That could mean one of three things: it’s a mistake, he’s credited because he helped create the characters, or Grant & Naylor made up.

At least the DVDs do NOT contain the wretched “remastered” versions!

They haven’t made up. :frowning:

<— You better believe I ordered my copy yesterday. Curse the luck that they were released on the first day of my work week! If I wasn’t working, I’d have picked them up today.

And I’ve heard rumors of a movie for so long, I refuse to believe it anymore. I know, I know. Apparently the latest news is much more solid than previous rumors, but still. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Um, isn’t the movie in production right now? It was in pre-production at the end of 2002 and the official site states that :

With a projected release date of Xmas '03.

When I picked them up I wasn’t sure if these were the remastered versions or not. But I hadn’t heard that those versions were “wretched” so it didn’t matter much to me. What’s wrong with them.

My only problem with the DVDs is that I wish they had been able to improve the sound quality.

Basically, model shots from the early seasons were replaced with indifferent-looking CGI … oh, and they changed the opening theme on seasons 1 and 2 to match seasons 3 onwards.

But the DVDs are as originally broadcast. And I’m a happy camper.

OK. Thanks Steve. I can do without the CGI and can take or leave a change to the opening theme. If they played the theme over a bunch of shot from the season, then it would have been nice to see - perhaps a bonus on the DVD.

Still, I’m shedding no tears. Too bad I have to wait so long until seasons three and four. I hear two seasons every Feb.

Well crap-on-a-stick.

I don’t think that this set will be released in Canada until March 4. Most of the Canadian online shopping sites have this as the release date and are still pre-ordering.

It turns out shoes have souls snicker

In order to do some of the SFX on the remastered shows, it looks like they transfered the original video onto film or used the Filmlook process. It just doesn’t work. I don’t care if the ship has 10 engines or one giant engine. Part of the appeal of the show was the low-cost effects, IMHO.

I gots me my copies from A&B Sound in Vancouver yesterday :smiley: (bricks and mortar branch)


"Today’s fish is trout a la creme "


"Today’s fish is trout a la creme "


"Today’s fish is trout a la creme "

The remastered versions also cut content from the original shows, to allow time for extended FX shots. Some of my favorite jokes were lost because of that, so I’m very glad the DVDs contain the proper versions.

Most noticably they changed the ending of Polymorph.

Instead of ending with 2 Listers walking past the screen it ends with **a cg shot of the containter the Polymorph came in and zooms in till you see it says “contents: 2”. [/spoiler]

Shit. If a mod could fix my bad coding?