Life's Answer

All of Life’s Answers can be found here!

I certainly found the answer to one burning question!

I laughed. I cried.

This is truly among the most pathetic things I have ever seen.

I hate it when someone else does something so incredibly ignorant that it embarasses me.

Well, I hope he’s happy. My dog was perched on the computer chair and now the poor animal is blind.

“…send lawyers, guns, and money…”

 Warren Zevon

The first time I got a ‘connection refused’ I refused to let well enough alone. i shoulda listened to yall.
Blue, does your dog need a seeing eye person? I work cheap.A pat on the head, a kind word, a biscuit now and then, but I get to hump his leg.

Are we talking about the same web page? I got a redneck exhibitionist. Especially that first photo, the guy’s face was so red all he needed was horns.

Nice boat.

too bad it had a schmuck blemishing it.

PS I stopped at the warning, I hope my eyesight will eventually return.

Gen A.C. McAuliffe
“The general’s nuts.”
unknown 101st AB grunt

Oh please he is probably a very nice guy. It takes guts to expose yourself to the world. To bear it all, to stand before us naked with your heart upon your sleeve.

It isn’t life’s answer. The answer to life is to live with dignity, fall in love, and to die in your sleep.

Life is a journey, not a destination.

Oh dear, THAT’S the answers to life? I must be asking the wrong questions.

I thought it was 42…

It is 42, or are we asking the right question?

There aren’t enough days in the weekend. – Steven Wright

Thanks, Mr. John, for your generous offer to rehabilitate my dog after that web page nearly sent him to canine heaven. He has partial eyesight restored, seems to recognize his name, and is now able to take solid food again.

“…send lawyers, guns, and money…”

 Warren Zevon

Just FYI, MrJ’s method of canine rehabilitation involves sticking his own head out a car window.

I wondered what happened to that page. I was gonna viciously post it under some thread or another a few weeks ago and the old URL was invalid when I doublechecked it before posting.

That CAN’T be on the level, can it? At first, I laughed out loud… and then I thought to myself… this is a guy who will be going postal someday. Save the link!

Okay, so not ALL of the answers appear there.
The point to ponder is “are you asking the right questions?”

I couldn’t stop laughing for a while after viewing that page. I think that guy probably started with the urge to put up a picture of himself in the speedos and used all the preceding pics as a lead-up to that.

Funny thing is that the guy probably looks at how many “hits” he’s had on that page and thinks that he’s such a stud that people all over the world-wide-web are admiring his adonis-like physique.