Lifestyles of the heavy smokers.

A while ago in an IMHO thread about “how much do you smoke” at least one poster copped to smoking something like 3 or more packs a day. This got me to thinking. It takes me about 10 minutes to smoke a cigarette, so lets round down and say 5 minutes. 3 packs is 60 cigs, so a 3 pack-a-day smoker spends at least 5 hours each day in the act of smoking, and likely more. What sort of lifestyle do you have that supports this? I can’t smoke at work, and by mutual choice my wife and I don’t smoke in the house, nor do we smoke much in the cars.

So speak up, you heavy smokers, how do you do it? Do you take a lot of breaks or do you smoke in places where I don’t? Do you smoke while working or engaged in other activities? I know many people smoke at home, or at their jobs, or in cars, or work at home. Please share with me.

I can’t imagine smoking that much. I’m about a half pack a day man myself, and I feel strange even those rare times I hit a pack a day. 3 a day?? geesh.

I work at home and we both smoke in the house. I’m doing 1.5 to 2 ppd.

My suspicion is that people may use that many, but are not necessarily sitting there actively smoking them.

My mother went through as many as 3 packs/day. She would light one, take a couple puffs, put it down, do stuff, take a couple more, etc. More of the smoke went up into the air than was inhaled.

I’ve also observed a person at a school board meeting (back when smoking was allowed) light a cigarette, take at most one drag, and the thing would burn out on the ashtray as discussion continued. Then he’d light another one. Later, rinse, repeat. He could have gone through half a pack or more during one meeting of 3+ hours.

My ex-father in law smoked 5 packs a day. He went through a carton every other day. He’d light them up, one after the other, using a lighter.

He was retired, so his daily routine consisted of sitting at the kitchen table and smoking.

He died of a heart attack while sitting on the toilet.

I smoked 3 packs a day for about 3 to 4 months, and I smoked them. None of this lighting one up and walking away nonsense.

To be blunt, I was a lazy ass college kid that watched a lot of TV. I soon realized that 3 packs of Marlboro reds a day was waaay too much and tried quitting cold turkey.

Smoking was such a part of my life that I actually hallucinated. I would be sitting and reading and could “see” smoke coming out of my mouth when I exhaled, even though I hadn’t smoked in days. I would wake up in the middle of the night and see smoke coming from under my bed, it was very bizarre and is a reminder of just how powerful nicotine can be.

I went back to smoking, that attempt was unsuccessful, but I have been nicotine-free now for 5 years and 4 months.

I have to say that MOST of the people I know that are heavy smokers don’t actually smoke most of the cigarette. My dad’ll do that thing where he lights it and forgets it’s sitting lit in the ashtray. He smokes two packs a day. My boyfriend smokes about a pack and a half a day and he does that thing where he’ll light one and be playing video games so a lot of it winds up on the floor while he’s playing.

I smoke a pack a day, myself - one on the way to work, one on my first break, three or so at lunch, one on my second break, one on the way home. That’s around seven or eight cigarettes, which is almost a half a pack. I tend to smoke more at home when I’m at the computer or cooking. If it’s a particularly stressful day at work I’ll smoke two or three cigarettes on either of my breaks, but that’s unusual.


My late father was a 5-pack-a-day smoker. He actually used to wake up periodically during the night for the sole purpose of smoking a few cigarettes. His regular, daytime habit involved lighting a new cig before finishing the old one, so that there wouldn’t be any waiting time between hits. When we went to the movies or to a play, he had to take several “smoke breaks,” even if he was really enjoying the show. After a heart attack, when he was hospitalized, he would turn off his oxygen so that he could sneak a smoke without causing an explosion.

I simply can’t imagine smoking that much. I can’t imagine when I would even do it. I smoke maybe a pack a day. More if its happy hour night. Less on the weekends.

If I smoked in the house, I would certainly smoke more. But late at night, its too much effort to get dressed and go on the porch. Even then. I would find three packs a tough task.

The only way I can think of is if I drove a truck or something as my job. I smoke more frequently in the car than anywhere else. Its the one place where I am so hopelessly bored that smoking is the only thing to do.

My mom smokes in the car, at breaks during work, while eating, while getting dressed, while cleaning, while watching TV, while reading… so she “multi-tasks,” I suppose you could say. I don’t know how many PPD she smokes… I don’t want to know. :frowning:

Was your ex-father in law Elvis Presley? :slight_smile:

Holy sheep. I can’t even imagine that.

I manage to smoke about 1.5 packs a day because I work at home, in front of the computer. If I didn’t work at home, in front of the computer, I’d probably smoke like 5 cigs a day.

My dad smokes 3+ a day. He works in a auto plant so I think maybe he can smoke there (not sure if he can on the floor or what. No doubt they get a lot of smoke breaks tho.)

He’s one of those guys who can smoke any time, anywhere. Since he was in Vietnam, he is privy to the practice of smoking in pouring rain. He’s not one to light up and walk away either. He’s just always smoking. It doesn’t seem to slow him down much…although my mom gets a little crabby with me when I say “I’ll do it when I finish this cigarette” because apparently she’s been hearing that for 30 years.

Congrats, and you look great I might add! Definitely wouldn’t have figured you ever smoked.
I smoked a pack every three days and if I pushed it I could smoke a pack on a drinking night but I’d be hanging big time the next day. Huge headache. Not so if I didn’t smoke. I enjoyed the occasional cig but any more than, say, 8 a day would kill me.

Before I quit I easily smoked a pack and a half per day and on nights when I went out to the bars, I smoked 2 packs easily and started the third.

I lived with other smokers and we smoked in the apartment. I was a student which gave me breaks between classes where i would smoke at least two cigarettes. The worst thing about living with other smokers is that we would feed off each other. I would light a cigarette and my roommate would light one as well since the smell would give him a craving.

My father smoked about 4 packs a day, because he was able to smoke at work, in the car, and in the house. I seem to recall him lighting one within about 3-5 minutes of putting one out, while at home. My husband, similarly, can smoke at almost any time (while working, in the truck, at home), but I notice he crushes his out only half-smoked, and he doesn’t chain-smoke.

Some of the heavy smokers I know have mastered the art of hands-free smoking. Keep the cig in their mouth and talk and work and wash dishes, whatever, with just an occasional lip twitch to get rid of the ash.

Eeesh, that reminds me of my grandpa … he would talk to you with this cigarette bobbing up and down in the corner of his mouth. Us grandkids sat watching spellbound to see if he ever dropped it. 'Course he didn’t.

My hubby uses prolly 2 packs a day. He’s between those who 'light 'em and leave ‘em’ and those who can smoke in the pouring rain. I’ve never been able to hold one between my teeth and endure the smoke drifting up to my eyes; I’ve gotta put it down if I’m doing something with my hands.
I did briefly live with a b/f in Los Angeles who was really REALLY a heavy smoker. He probably approached the 5 pack a day amount. Smoking was allowed in his workplace, and he smoked constantly at home. He was the only person I’ve ever met who woke up at night to smoke. Seriously. He would wake up just enough to smoke a cigarette, about 3 times a night. That’s the kind of person who will burn the house down. :confused:

My aunt smokes around three packs a day. We asked her once how she had time. She said something to the effect of “Well, you know how it is. You wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and so while you’re up you have a smoke…”

We need the jawdrop smilie here to show the general reaction. When I smoked, I never got up to smoke during the night, and can’t imagine doing that. Can anyone here relate to that? Anway, it’s been five years since I quit but as far as I know my aunt still smokes. She’s only 45, and already battling cancer.

Doh! :smack: Should have read the post ahead of mine! Sorry NinetyWt, don’t know how I missed that.