Light pitting of people cheering Jared's beating

I say light pitting because it’s understandable to want to see people who hurt children get theirs, but if we really think that’s a just punishment for his crime, then we should be administering it with proper due process. Our system decided that he should be sentenced to 15 years in prison, and according to our laws he has the right to be safe and not get his face beat in while serving his time. If you think that’s wrong, then let’s change the laws to either make sentences for crimes like his longer, or make them harsher.

Besides, he didn’t get beat up for hurting children. He got beat up because he’s a wimpy guy locked up in a place with hard men. If he’d been 300 pounds of solid muscle he wouldn’t be getting “his” for what he did, he’d be in there raping the youngest inmates he could find.

Prison abuse is never something to cheer. It’s an issue that needs to be ameliorated to as much extent as is possible. If prisons were safe people might actually come out rehabilitated once in awhile.

Link to an article for those who want to know what this is about.

I agree entirely and without reservation.

Now you’re just smoking crack. (IMO it’s the entire model that mitigates against “rehabilitation,” not the violence. But I’ll grant that it sure as *fuck *doesn’t help anyone.)

The article says that the beater was put in solitary. Why wasn’t he charged with assault causing bodily harm ?

100% agreed. I also love the people that say they cannot wait for sex-criminals to get ass-raped in prison.

In other words, your condemning what they did, but then justifying the act at the same time. Plus, the perpetrators, whatever act of violence they commit, are no heroes: most of them are in prison for heinous crimes, as well.

Jared Vogle is going to leave prison after 15 years not only as a registered sex offender, but an “anti-celebrity” followed and shamed by the media at his every move and unable to get a job when he gets out, a social pariah marked with a scarlet letter wherever he goes.

Lets let the justice system do its job, and not leave justice in the hands of equally vile criminal thugs. This isn’t Thunderdome.

I know it’s a bit frowned upon in these parts, but +1.

I am sure everyone involved knew what Jared’s future in prison would be like.

If prison authorities don’t protect him, he needs to work out in the gym. Or else he won’t last 15 years.

Wonder what percent of the people doing the cheering are Republicans.

Yeah, can’t we get BEYOND Thunderdome?

We don’t need another hero.

He probably will be. That’s pretty routine. But it’s only been a few weeks. The legal system takes a while to move and charging people who are already in prison with new crimes is not a high priority.

Good point, because that would totally prove… something.

Jared, bro, you better stop cutting, and start bulking, protein shakes man.

I’m not sure it’s so much Jared needs a beating as cosmic justice demands he feel how his victims felt. I’m not sure any State sanctioned punishment could reasonably do that. Though in principle I agree with the OP.

The definition of cruel and unusual is one of the few things in the Constitution that actually does change with the times. If society demands beatings, then the justice system can mete them out. I’d rather have that than beatings being dependent on how big and tough you are. There’s a lot of guys in prison who also deserve some ass kickings but won’t get them.

The Supreme Court has determined that the prohibition against “cruel and unusual” punishments means the punishment must be both cruel and unusual to be prohibited – not that cruel punishments are forbidden and unusual punishments are forbidden. (No cite handy, but I remember this coming down in the early-mid-1980s.)

This means the occasional burning at the stake is forbidden (because it’s both cruel and unusual) – but if we suddenly start burning people at the stake in large numbers, then it becomes okay (because it’s no longer unusual). So occasional cruelty is a no-no but mass cruelty is okay. :smack:

He got beat up because he abused kids. The inmates do not take kindly to child and elderly abusers.

Yes, it’s more or less a fiat accompli that he would he assaulted in prison. The point is that he shouldn’t. Do you understand?

Bet nobody would’ve messed with him if he still had those 245 extra pounds. Just sayin’.

But apparently they are fine with mere rapist of adults, murderers, heroin dealers, drunk drivers who kill, gang bangers and people who text while driving. Only kiddie diddlers get the special attention.