Lighten your hair with Lemon??

I heard of a friend that if you put lemon in your hair and go out in the sun for a while that it will bleach your hair. Is this true? Is it like lemon off a lemon tree (or lemon as a brandname for some kind of peroxide? But if it were a man made chemical than why would you have to go out in the sun?)

If you know that this works how effective is it?

PerfectDark (wanna be PerfectLight)

Yes, it does work. My sister does it all the time. You use regular lemon juice from the grocery store. My sister uses that stuff that comes in the green bottle.(can’t remember the brand name) To get better results, wrap your hair in plastic wrap after you put the juice on. Sit out in the sun, (the longer the better) and presto! your a few shades lighter. Now that its getting to be nice weather here in Michigan, she’ll be out doing it when she sunbathes. It looks absolutely silly, but it does work. She has dishwater blonde hair, and it lightens it up considerably. I don’t know if it will work on a brunette or red head though.

Be careful if you have dark hair. I did this in high school on my brown hair. I ended up with decidedly orange streaks in my hair(brainiac here put it on, braided her hair, and spend all day outside during band camp).

I also know people with light brown or blonde hair who use lemon juice and sunlight to create blonde highlights. They apply it with a plastic spray bottle.

I’ve read that strongly brewed tea can be used to enhance the colour of darker brown hair.

The brand name you grasp for is ReaLemon brand.

The Wifestrocity used to use
Sun-In brand hair lightener. It’s basically lemon juice and water, so it doesn’t make SUCH a harsh highlight in one’s day exposure to sunlight.


So, if brunettes use Lemon Juice to become a blonde and blondes use Ice Tea to become brunettes, what happens if I schpritz apple juice on my hair? :wink: