Like the New Mustang? You're Going to Love the new GT500...

I get that too, I assumed it was just the way the page was designed.

This happened the first time i opened it in Firefox. The flash presentation was up off the top of the screen.

I closed the window and lciked the link again, and it worked.

There seem to be two different <body> tags in the html, which i haven’t seen before. Maybe that causes a glitch of some sort.

Is that all? It’s a bargain for a car that lovely.

450 horse. Holy moly. I’ll sell my mother to have one.

Like the car, dont much care for the retro looking buckets – making leather look like vinyl just cheapens the leather IMO. Guess that’s where Recaro aftermarket seating comes in.

Not to thread crap, but it doesn’t look that great, IMHO. I think that the lines for the car are fine, but it looks too short. If the front end was just a bit longer, that would help (I remember reading about one of Chrysler’s cars during the Iacocca era where they found out that lengthening the hood of a car by a few inches increased sales dramatically). It does look better than most of the models Ford’s been cranking out lately.

As for quality, nearly everyone I know with a late model Ford has found that they’ve developed intermittant electrical problems after a couple of years. No idea if they’re particular to certain models, or just a problem across the whole product line.

That’d be $40K US. Probably $55,000 here, as a guess. Still, that’s about 20 grand cheaper than the Z06 Corvette, and about the same price as the standard C6 Vette. And the Mustang has 50 more horspower, 14" Brembo brakes, and looks great. I’ll bet it’s going to seriously cut into Vette sales.

I don’t agree. With a longer nose, it starts to look like just another sleek sports car. The Shelby looks mean, and that’s the way it should look. Muscle cars are supposed to have a bit of attitude, and not look like low-slung sports cars. I think the proportions of this car are dead on.