Likely Suspects in Boston Marathon Bombing?

Loner. On the fringe of whatever political stripe he happens to identify with. Probably with ties to Boston and picked the marathon for the size of the event not the date.

Truth. Though, oddly enough, sometimes the manifesto gets some traction eventually; a U of Michigan philosophy prof is co-authoring a book on the philosophy of technology with Ted Kaczynski. The Unabomber’s Pen Pal

I agree with this. A terrorist organization would have claimed credit. I feel like the bigger and more idealogical the group, the more likely they are going to want to take credit (in order to make some sort of ‘point’). Some loner may have other reasons, and might be shrewd enough to keep a low profile, which is what looks like has been happening.

I’m shocked that no one has taken “credit”. It used to be that numerous terrorist groups would claim responsibility for an attack and that the hard part was trying to figure out which one (if any) did it. Maybe our stealth programs are actually working.

If you notice, domestic terrorists don’t seem to take credit. I don’t think they did for OC, the Olympics, or any of the abortion clinic attacks. Looks like we might know soon enough.

The Olympic bombing and most of the abortion clinic bombings were from one guy. Hard to extrapolate from one data point. Timothy mcveigh was apprehended very soon after the OKC bombing so it’s unknown how he would have played it if he got away. Other domestic terrorists such as the Unibomber did take credit.

Yes. Which is exactly why I referenced him. Jeesh, phreesh.

I would put my money on someone with no more of a coherent political stance than Jared Loughner.

We don’t know, though, whether there would ever have been a claim of responsibility in connection with, say, the shoe bomber, the underwear bomber, or the Times Square bomber, because they were stopped and identified anyway.

My apologies. In my defence, your post could be read such that you were referring to the similar event at the Atlanta olympics where Richard Jewell set off a bomb.

I underestimated the intelligence of the average doper, which I should really stop doing. Sorry.

Heading down the Richard Jewell train of thought, there’s Carlos Arredondo.

He lost a son in the Iraq war, and went a little nuts afterwards, setting himself on fire in his grief. In 2007 he was beaten at an anti-war protest by several right-wing nutters. In 2011 his second son committed suicide, apparently unable to deal with the loss of his brother.

With all the anguish in his life, what if he thought that, if he could be a hero, he could have something else to focus on? It’s no longer Carlos Arredondo, the anti-war activist who set himself on fire. Now it’s Carlos Arredondo, the hero of the Boston Marathon. When the bombs went off he was right there in the thick of it, tending to the wounded. He’s in the papers and on TV being called a hero and what a wonderful person he is.

It’s a horrible thought, but I wonder if the FBI’s considered it.

CNN has retracted this. There has been no arrest.

Although I’m leaning towards someone who is from Boston who picked the day because its a big event, I am also thinking it might be someone who had planned to do it at the NYC marathon. That was cancelled because of Hurricane Sandy. The Boston Marathon is held on the 3rd Monday in April. Its a coincidence that it was on tax day this year. That won’t stop whoever it is to try and tie it to the act as well.

I know you won’t believe me, but that’s what I was thinking yesterday. I was afraid to suggest it because I thought I’d come across as a lunatic. So, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking it. And not the only lunatic. :wink:

The main reason that Richard Jewell was a suspect was because of an incident at the Olympics in Los Angeles. There a bomb was discovered by a security guard, who had turned out to have planted it. The boobs at the FBI were playing Captain Queeg and reliving their prior success while smearing a man who was actually a hero.

I subscribe to the lone nutter theory. His political views will be incoherent.

He’s in the papers and on TV because someone took a notable picture of him trying to stop the bleeding of a man who’d lost his legs. Its hard to see how he could’ve planned that out ahead of time.

By being nearby when the bombs went off, he would be on-scene immediately, and would be very visible as one of the first responders rendering medical aid. It doesn’t matter who he was treating, he would be seen treating someone, and he could easily focus his attention on helping someone seriously wounded to make his role seem more critical. With all the press at the finish line I’d say it’s a sure thing someone would get photos of whatever he was doing. That cowboy hat makes him stand out for any reporter who wants to interview him, and interview him they did.

I don’t think it’s him, but I think the argument can be made.

Name another first responder who has been recognized by name in the media. There were many heroes Monday, yet he was the only one who has been named, solely because he was in that horrific picture. That could not be planned, and without that photo, he would just be another nameless hero.

Joe Andruzzi

But this idea is pretty silly.