Lileks Gets Hard

Hardcover, that is. The Gallery of Regrettable Food is in print now, and as if that wasn’t enough, he’s going to be on television as well. Here’s the Bleat that mentions it

My mom had recipe books like the ones he used to make the book. I’m so glad she never used 'em, though. I’m looking forward to buying a copy.

And what’s more, Gnat can say “dut”! :smiley:

How cool! I’ll be buying a copy, for sure.

Me too, Beadalin. I’ve considered telling a few friends about his web site, but I didn’t think they’d sit still long enough in front of a monitor to go through the whole site. Hopefully the book will work a little better.
I wonder if Eve’s not posted because she’s passed out on her floor from the general hilarity.