lime Kool-Aid and baloney

I remember hearing about this combination as a kid but can’t remember the context. Any ideas?


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A little more information would be most helpful, although I see you do not remember the context.

Was it a good or bad combination:
Is this combination supposed to make your stomach explode, like Pop Rocks and Coca-Cola? (Bad)
Is it a supposed aphrodesiac, like green M&Ms? (Good)
Were you supposed to eat the raw Kool-aid sprinkled on the bologna (or was I the only kid who ate Kool-aid straight out of the package)?

In any case, I’ve never heard of this combination having particular significance. Now I’m curious, too.

Sounds to me like the combination would most likely lead to a stomach ache.

I remember that bologna sandwiches and kool-aid (not sure what flavour) were the standard fare at a Slug-fest. A Slug-fest was a concert featuring Doug and the Slugs.

I don’t know where you are from Bachor, but that is a western Canadian thing, AFIK.

It’s still here. :eek:

Okay. [sigh] Google. “bologna green”.

  1. A recipe for bologna soup.
  1. How to get there from Milan.
  1. “green koolaid bologna”. Oh. Halloween party references.

My WAG is going to be that we’re talking Halloween stuff here.

[going back to work now]

Bologna is good bait for Jackelopes, though it must be left with some sort of alcohol. No one’s ever caught a Jackalope with it but the stuff keeps disappearing so it’s only a matter of time.

Bologna has gluten, KoolAid does not.

Bologna and KoolAid are staples for starving college kids.

The scars from gastric bypass surgery are AWFUL, but you can still drink koolaid. Bologna is out of the question.