Limited edition soda flavors omnibus thread

I’m not impressed with Starlight Coke. Graham cracker and cola is not the best flavor combination. Dr. Pepper dark berry zero is pretty good. It doesn’t taste like a no-calorie soda. It’s a mild berry flavor, and it doesn’t have a strong artificial flavor. I bought a case, and that wasn’t a bad decision. I’m looking for Pepsi Nitro, but I haven’t found that around here.

Canada Dry Black Cherry Wishniak [sic] was found in a 20-oz. bottle at the Wawa, and I swear it’s the best cherry-flavored soda I’ve ever had. Better than Cherry Coke, Wild Cherry Pepsi, and even Cheerwine. It’s caffeine free, too. Five stars out of five. I didn’t see it in a 12-pack.