Limited to my DVD Collection, what is the best Valentine's Movie?

First of all, there’s nothing exceptionally Valentines-y in my DVD Collection.
There’s no Sleepless in Seattle or anything like that.

But . . . if we are too limit our selection to my own DVD library, what are the most Valentines-y of these no-so-Valentines-y choices?

I’ve reduced the choices to the 25 most Valentines-y.
We’ll spend the night in a hotel, so I’ll probably just bring 3 DVDs with me.
If we do decide to cuddle up for a movie, it may be best for those three to be somewhat different from each other so that we can decide based on our mood.

So, once the poll is enabled, maybe best not to just pick your three favorites (poll will allow three choices) but rather pick three that would present distinct options.

I haven’t seen all of them, so I picked Casablanca & It Happened One Night.

Yesterday, the USA Network had a Burn Notice marathon in honor of Valentine’s Day. Of course, Mike & Fiona aren’t the cutest of couples. But I enjoyed it!

My first choice was Amelie, but since you allowed multiple votes I tossed one to Casablanca also because, hey, you can never to wrong with Casablanca.

It looks like my initial instinct was correct, and Amelie is currently the leading vote winner. Such a joyful little movie, I think it’s perfect.

Well, looks like Amelie will have to be packed and taken along to the hotel.
Although, being the subversives that we are it may be too spot on.

Casablanca is pretty spot on as well. I don’t think I’ll include two titles that are both quite so spot on. If I take Amelie I probably won’t take Casablanca, if I take Casablanca I probably won’t take Amelie.
It Happened One Night is a strong contender. Just off-center enough to be both appropriate while not too spot on.

I was leaning toward The Quiet Man before starting the poll. That one may be included in the selection regardless of the poll results. Still another couple hours before the choices have to be made.

Keep voting, I’ll keep checking the results!

Those of you sharing your thoughts, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Oops, I missed seeing Amelie on the list - you can put another checkmark on it if you like. :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen all of them either. From your list, amongst the ones I’ve seen, I voted for Amelie, City Lights and Before Sunrise. I don’t know how I missed Casablanca but maybe Stranger On A Train will pop in here and tell you why Casablanca doesn’t belong in that list. :wink:

Oh, no…Casablanca definitely belongs on that list, being an example of a story that seems heartwarming and self-sacrifical to begin with, but ends up leaving a saccharine aftertaste in your mouth the more you think about it. However, I voted for Double Indemnity: “It’s just like the first time I came here, isn’t it? We were talking about automobile insurance, only you were thinking about murder. And I was thinking about that anklet.” Dames, they get you every time.

Honestly, though, I’m quite impressed with your collection, and the choice was made only by overriding cynicism. Before Sunrise was a close runner-up, as was The Quiet Man (one of the three worthwhile films Wayne ever did). Of course, so was Raising Arizona and The Graduate. If you’d stuck Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in there, I would have given it top rank bar none. “Meet me…in Montauk.”


The DVDs that made it to the hotel were
The Quiet Man
His Girl Friday

(I swear, I swear, I valued everyone’s input! I had to add to that input the fact that I actually know my girlfriend!)

The chosen film of the evening was Arthur.
Had we watched a second, it was going to be His Girl Friday.

Stranger, we had watched Eternal Sunshine together just a few months ago otherwise it would have been on the list. Thanks for the compliment on the collection! And this is just the portion of the collection considered for Valentine’s Day- beyond that, the collection goes on and on!

Thanks to everyone who put in a vote!

Indeed, as it should. For myself, I watched the vasty underrated Coen Brothers Cain-esque satire The Man Who Wasn’t There. “He told them to look not at the facts, but at the meaning of the facts. Then he said the facts had no meaning.” Brilliant.