Lindsay Lohan to do full frontal in indie film

she wants to prove she’s a serious actor

I know that some people might be tempted to mock. I would ask those people to please not ruin this. Let’s et her think this is the right move, at least until she gets those money shots in the can.

“…in her role as a nymphomaniac waitress…”

I definitely think this is the right career move for her.

She already did the Marylin Monroe nudity and no one cared. I doubt this will do anything for her career. What she needs to do is dissapear for a few years.

She can hide out at my place.

I hope, at the time of filming, she’s nearer to Curvy Redhead Lindsay than Skeletor Blonde Linsday. (What’s she look like these days, anyway?)

ETA: Clicked link in OP. Skeletor Blonde. :frowning:

Miss Lohan has been caught on camera numerous times sans underwear. One time, she was at a fashion show before young girls, I believe. I fail to see why this is news. On the other hand, I’ve always been for more nudity all the time when it comes to attractive young women.

I think somebody needs to sit Lindsay down and explain to her that she’s not Halle Berry or Natalie Portman or Winona Ryder. Using nudity to call attention to a movie role only works if you haven’t already done it as street theatre.

I cared.

For about 20 minutes. Then I had to find some HC stuff to finish up.

I like the taking a couple of years off idea. I hate to see a young actor of definite talent skip directly from childhood to jaded middle age. Maybe if she could try and have a normal life for a couple of years, she could return to acting without being self-destructive.

The amazing thing, or perhaps more accurately, the Sadly Predictable Wrong Thinking Thing is that she sees this as a viable move to help her career.

When really it’s a desperate attention seeking move by someone who is losing their fame and position, isn’t thinking clearly and isn’t being properly managed.

If it doesn’t work to revive her career, and my bet is that it won’t, then look for even more desperate, stupid attention seeking moves in the near future.

I would like to give her a money shot in the can.

I don’t know what’s more disturbing, the thought that Hillary Clinton’s done nudie pics, or your going looking for them.

21-year-old known for her pole dancing wants to play a nude nympho waitress to show the audience her stint in rehab worked and now she’s a mature actress.

Sometimes these things just write themselves, don’t they?

Hey, if Jean-Claude Van Damme can do it…


Any chance Vincent Gallo will direct/costar?

Beaten, and I wasn’t even close. :frowning:

There was a time when this idea wasn’t such a bad thing. It can be bad for her to sign up for some stupid American Pie type movie with gratuitous nudity, but if it really is a valid independent film, something gritty and not dumbed down for the mainstream, it might work.

These days we are stuck with a bunch of shitty PG-13, focus grouped, FCC approved retreads because people are so quick to make a joke over this stuff. Personally, if some nudity from a celeb who’s career is off track gets butts into seats to actually see something original I’m all for it.

It might not work, but you won’t hear me criticizing it until it turns out to be shit.

I sincerely hope so.

The Red Bunny?

With the ubiquitousness of porn, I’m constantly surprised that nudity in a mainstream film, usually awkwardly and gratuitously placed nudity, can still be a drawcard for people.

I know, I’ve never understood it either. It’s not like I’m going to pull out my penux and start jerking it in the middle of watching a mainstream movie with my friends. People who get all excited about a movie just because some actress is naked in it have always confused me.