Lindsay Lohan's Playboy pics are very meh

Per GawkerPlayboy editors apparently photoshopped the crap out of her and blew off all her tats and freckles. There are better looking women at your office. Seriously.

The freckles are the best… well, not the best part. But I like the freckles.

Not really. :frowning:

They got rid of her freckles? That’s her best feature!

Not that I’m much interested in seeing her nude at this point. Last time I saw her on tv she was looking ghastly.

Why does every no-talent, washed up female celebrity who wants to show off their tits and ass for a few bucks and one last moment in the spotlight have to try and get themselves made up to look like Marylin Monroe?

Please, please, someone stop me from clicking on the link.

I’m a weak man.


It’s a good look.

I find it funny that Gawkers current top story is a christmas gift guide and the Lohan piece is actually below it. So, if you click on the link expecting to see naked pics of LL, instead you get “Gifts For Your Dog”. Aw c’mon, she’s not that bad, Gawker :).

Because gentlemen prefer airheaded, highly intoxicated, slutty blondes.

Thanks for the link. The story about the Abercrombie boys was…intellectually stimulating.

I don’t think she is a no-talent, but … yes.

It’s an outdated and artificial look. As is Bettie Page.

A girl without freckles is like a night without stars.

Wow. That’s just not her at all. Not that I’m too surprised, seeing as, if it actually were, she couldn’t be in Playboy. Not only is she not really that sexy due to premature aging, but she just doesn’t fit the Playboy image.

She looks like a pinup from another decade. And we know that’s not how she acts or looks in real life.

It truly doesn’t even look like her. What’s worse, in the first few shots, it looks like they Photoshopped her head on from some other picture!

And to think how pretty she was just a short time ago…

I saw her photo above the Yahoo story announcing the Playboy pix and that was enough for me. She looks like a scank ho.

How did she even get Playboy to pay for naughty pictures of her? I mean, it’s not like she hasn’t already been giving away shoots for free for years now.

She still has surprisingly nice boobs, but I agree with the OP that otherwise they are very meh.

Yeah, I much prefer the nudes she did for New York magazine a few years back. They too were Marilyn Monroe poses, but they didn’t go nuts with the Photoshop.

To this day, I have never understood the Lindsay Lohan love. Was she a cute kid? Sure. But as a teenager and young adult, she’s basically been a trainwreck on the order of Brittany Spears. Is that why she’s so popular? People enjoy watching the trainwreck?

I’m not surprised that her Playboy pictures are meh. Her everyday pictures with clothes on are very meh