Line from Short Circuit 2

In the movie Short Circuit 2, Johnny 5 gets all dolled up by a gang (leather jacket, mohawk and the like) and when he’s ready to rumble, says “Los Locos something something, Los Locos kick your ass, Los Locos something something da da da da da.”

Can anybody give me the quote, please, so I can be the queen of trivia here in my office? :slight_smile: Thanks!

los locos kick your ass
los locos kick your face
los locos kick your balls
into ou-ter space!

Isn’t it scary how stuff like that sticks in your head?
And I hadn’t seen the movie since about eight years ago…

yes, its been probably 10 years, and i’m embarassed that i knew it.

Thanks so much!

The three of you will burn for reminding me that I paid to see that movie. Sheesh… deduct 3 hipster points for me.

I thought it was “Los Lobos” … doesn’t that mean “The Wolves” in Spanish?

you are correct… that’s the name of a band also. but i’m pretty sure its los locos, at least if i was an 80’s punk rocker, that would be the name of my gang.

Los Lobos, if they can be said to be famous for anything, are the ones who did the remake of “La Bamba” for that movie of the same name.

I have an interesting story dealing with that line.

Picture: 4th grade, a conservative private Christian school, me and my classmates are allowed a “movie day” once a month. For wont of a better suggestion, Short Circuit 2 was decided for the latest showing (I believe I was the one who suggested it). So I and 30 other little impressionable youths sashay into a conference room, to await our cinematic treat, while 3 or 4 hurried home teachers set up the TV and monitor our behavior.

Movie starts playing, everything going nicely, kids riveted to the TV, all is well.

Then, suddenly, a loud voice blares out:

“Los Lobos kick your BALLS into OUTER SPACE!!!

Looking around the room, I seem a number of kids all agog, while the teachers all have shocked looks on their face.

Priceless :slight_smile: