Lines you would add to movies (possible spoilers)

After watch *Superman returns * the other day my friend and I were talking about lines we would have added to make the movie better.

My friends pick was when young Clark was jumping through the field and landing on the water tower. He would have had Ma Kent yell at him, telling him to stop jumping around, that he’s not Spiderman. (To make fun of the line in the first Spiderman movie where Aunt May tells Peter to take it easy he’s not Superman.)

Mine was when Lois grabs on to superman in the water she should have said “Don’t worry I’ve got you” (mirrored from the first movie when Supes catches Lois falling and say’s “don’t worry I’ve got you.” Followed classically by “you’ve got me!?!?!?! Who’s got you?!?!?!?!)

So… what lines have you thought would make a movie better. Not whole scenes or character changes just a line or 3 of dialog to make scene better or make the movie flow better.

Star Trek VI:

Kirk: [to Valeris, in light of her involvement in murdering the Klingon Chancellor] Why did you do this?
Valeris: They killed your son, Captain. Why didn’t you?

That movie bugged me for a lot of reasons, part of which was that while Kirk expresses how much he hates Klingons and how he’d be happy to “let them die”, he never does anything about it; just reacts to the situation given him and saves the day. He deserved to get called on it.

Team America World Police when Kim Jung-Il lands on the Kaiser’s helmet spike: a Wilhelm scream.

Nazi officer in Sophie’s Choice: Is that your FINAL ANSWER?

Superman: Lois, the reason I’ve been away for six years is… my God, you’ve gotten fat.

Bryan thats very strange for you to bring that up. That was the other movie we were talking about. We had thought that Kirk should have at least mentioned the fact that he wished he could have done the same thing but star fleet was correct, this was the right thing to do.

You wouldn’t have happened to think of this while listening to two fat guys’ discuses it at Applebee’s last night did you?

Close Encounters of the Third Kind: As Richard Dreyfuss starts walking into the mother ship, a scientist comes running up and shouts, “It’s a cookbook!”

In Signs when Mel Gibson’s character is slowly walking through the cornfield and asks, “Who’s out there?”, have his son say, “It’s me, Shoeless Joe!” :smiley:

A good point overall, but would a Vulcan play on Kirk’s emotions like that?

Actually, my dislike of Trek 6 (for that aspect and numerous other reasons) has been kicking around for some time. I even wrote a fanfic where Saavik talks briefly with Valeris in the latter’s prison cell and Saavik, also holding a longtime grudge against Klingons because of David Marcus’ death (which she personally witnessed) expresses some understanding of Valeris’ actions.

Then she finds out about the mindmeld Spock forced on Valeris (which is another point in the movie with greater implications quickly forgotten) and gets really steamed.

It simply wasn’t a good movie and I can’t understand why it sometimes gets rated higher than the fourth or (insanely) the second.

Well, once you start playing the “no true Vulcan” game, you start wondering why Valeris is involved in this in the first place. Given that she’s a killer and conspirator, though, I don’t see why she’d hesitate to manipulate Kirk any way she could. Besides, it’s not really an issue of manipulation. I can see her expressing mild surprise along the lines of: “I’m acting to embroil the Federation in a war that will crush the dangerous but weakened Klingons once and for all, because in the long term it is a logical course of action. Kirk’s son was killed by a Klingon. Why is he not supporting this action? Puny human. Valeris SMASH!”

Whether or not the whole plot makes any sense at all is another issue.

"Annakin, the only reason the Jedi speak of the ‘dark side’ and ‘the light side’ is because their grasp of the force is overly simplistic. Is the rancor evil when it preys on the wompa? Without its supply of wompa meat, the rancor would suffer a long death by starvation, and its species would end. How can its quest for survival be evil? Is not survival the imperative and right of all living creatures?

"If I were to tell you of an invader who entered someone’s home system with the express intent to kill the leader of that system, would you not conclude the invader is evil and a tool of the dark side? And if I were to tell you that the invader was a Jedi, and the leader a Sith Lord, does the Jedi somehow become justified?

“No, Annakin, there is more to the Force than the childish notion of two halves. It is dynamic. It changes from place to place, from view to view. This is what you must understand; your powers have grown beyond the Jedi. You can never again see from their diminished perspective. It is time for you to become more than a simple Jedi.” - Darth Sidious, Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith

It bugged the crap out of me that Annakin switched sides so easily. He’d been a good guy and a devotee of the force throughout the first two movies. If they’d shown that he had a wild and nazi-like dominating aspect to his personality, I’d have believed he’d have been seduced by the dark side. As it was, I didn’t buy it at all. They needed to make the Sith Lord’s offer look like it made sense on some level. None of the made up reasons (Padma supposedly dying, etc.) worked for me. I really wish Darth Sidious would have said something like this - then I would have bought it.

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at the start of the second test: after Neville gives Harry the gillyweed & shoves him into the water. Thinking that harry is drowning he turns away & says:

Oh my god! I’ve killed Harry Potter!

An off-screen “You bastard!” would have been a nice touch. :slight_smile:

Star Trek: Insurrection, when Riker & Worf are talking about Riker’s renewed romance with Troi, who also happens to be Worf’s ex:

Riker: Do you think we’ll still feel the same way once we’re away from this planet?

Worf: The two of you are destined to be together. Of course, if you ever break her heart again, I will have to kill you.

Riker (nervously): Ha, ha, … you’re kidding, right.

Worf: (says nothing, great stone face of an expression)

Riker: Okay.

My favorite line that was in the V For Vendetta comic book series but inexplicably left out of the movie:

“Give me a viking funeral.”

George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life (who always wanted to move to New York City, and now is gazing around at a Bedford Falls/Pottersville transformed into a miniature version of Times Square): “Thanks, a lot Clarence! I’m going to hunt up Potter and see if he still needs a stooge!” :slight_smile: