Link to your Google+ profile here

I’d like to make this a one-stop shopping sort of thread for collecting SDMB members Google+ ids so we can put them in our circles. Please don’t make posts that don’t include a link to your profile. If you hover over your name in Google+ you can right click to get the link to it. It looks like this: (this is me)

(You can add other text to your post, but please, one post per person, including your link)

My Google+ account is very lonely at the moment :frowning:

Might I also suggest adding your SDMB user name in your account somewhere (I put mine in Other Names). Otherwise I have to infer from our mutual friends that you are a Doper.

Here ya go.

My linked Twitter account is the same as my SDMB username, so hopefully that’s enough for people to figure out who I am.

Me me me me me:

Here’s me…


I think this board needs a widget somewhere that links to our Google+ profiles. Kinda like the AIM, Yahoo Chat icons.

Here’s mine.

still needs a bit of work, but I’ll get to it soon
Mine is very lonely too. Only 2 friends and no posts. Add me, anyone!

I just added a circle to mine called Straight Dopers and invited Rhiannon. And now others.

UncleRojelio, Rhiannon8404, Alice The Goon, I can’t find the button to add you! Google+ is still confusing to me. This is me if you want to add me:

Is this like a facebook or something?? :eek:

Yes, it’s almost exactly like Facebook but run by Google. It’s currently in beta testing.

Go to your Circles tab. Click on the “People who have added you” link. You should see some or all of us there. If you’ve created a Circle just for SDMB members, drag us to that. If not, drag us to one of your other circles.

Or it could be that Google+ is just bogged down right now. It was acting pretty strange earlier in the day.

On my screen when I click on a profile link in this thread, it takes me to your profile and in the upper right corner there is a red “Add to Circles” button.

Yeah, I did that for everybody else, but then for the last three I didn’t have the button :frowning: Google+ knows I’m really a friendless dweeb living in my parents’ basement! :wink:


Here’s mine…brand new, never before touched by human hands (I just got my invite about 5 minutes ago). Hopefully I update it slightly more often than my Facebook profile.

Try and let me know who you are after adding me. I’ve had quite a number of completely unfamiliar names add me their circles.

Also, I thought “ChileanBlob” was just a spam/business profile. Google+ has been suggesting I friend you since my first day on it.