Google+ invites?

Anyone have them? I would like one…

Just found out about it this morning through xkcd, immediately tried to get into it - unfortunately it looks like the Google folks are rolling this out very slowly to a very small test audience.
One can sign up here to be notified when they’re ready to take in more people.
I have high expectations for this, hopefully it won’t turn into another Wave or Buzz

I’m jumping in on this list here. I was in on the Straight Dope WAVE invite list and that worked out well for all involved (except Wave, haha). I’ll keep you guys in mind if I get an invite. In addition to what xkit0katx has said, an invite comes with more invites. Think Gmail’s rollout.

I think this has more potential than Wave did mostly because nobody was exactly sure what Wave was supposed to do or what you were supposed to use it for. (And I say this as someone who was an early Wave adopter, too.)

Everyone knows exactly what Google+ is supposed to be: a non-shitty Facebook. If they can get enough people using it so that it gains critical mass, I think it’ll be huge. I was looking through the info on it and it looks like their privacy settings and group settings are a lot smarter and better, i.e. it’ll be a lot easier to keep your mom and Aunt Edith from seeing your drunkbooking updates or whatever. I mean, if you’re the type of person to post lowbrow stuff like that. I’m sure I don’t know anyone who would do that. :slight_smile:

Oh man, I would love that. I emailed them to be notified when it’s real but if anyone gets any invites, please remember me!

Ditto. Hubby and I would love invites as well.

this has potential… me too!

Are these even invites you can share?

If they are invites that can be shared I’d love one too. Based on wave and gmail I think they’ll go to that model of invites, even if not right away.

I’d like an invite too when they roll out.

Add me to the list.

Me too, please, if anyone has a spare.

Although, honestly, I’m not any clearer about what Google+ is supposed to be than Google Wave, which I never bothered with. Also, Google Buzz is still sitting there on my gMail screen. I never look at it either. /mystified

I got sent an invite but dunno if that gives me invite privileges. I’ll have to see.

I’m in. If I get one, I’ll give. If you get, give.

I’ve signed up and will share whenever I get an invitation. I’d love to get an invitation if others get them first.

I would like to try out this too! I’ve also sent in my mail, and still waiting.

Yes me too please.

I am on the wait list too. Totally down to switch over to something that is more in-tune with the privacy expectations of its users than Facebook.

I’m not in any hurry to join up, but it does sound like something I could eventually get on-board with - unlike FaceBook which I wouldn’t touch with your 10ft. pole.

Ok, well I once created a completely bogus account so that I could view something that required logging in. Then they eventually deleted my fake account, so I refused to ever sign in again, fake or real. But if Google+ pulls the same shit where you have to join and sign-in to view completely public content, then I will probably similarly shun it on principle. Fuck walled gardens.