Google+ invites?

9 Reasons to Switch from Facebook to Google+

I want one too…can I can I can I?

Good article, and while I’m all for Google getting into the social networking game, point #6 couldn’t be more wrong:

Umm…yes, they do. When you tag someone in a pic, they’re instantly notified and have the option to remove the tag. How they translate that as “does not make an effort to warn people [that] they’ve been tagged” is beyond me.

If anyone wants to throw an invite at me, I’ll gladly catch it.

I’d love an invite too. I really don’t like facebook, but its hard to be a college student without one, honestly. (YMMV) Also, Google tends to be at least marginally less evil than Facebook.

I kind of wonder about this.

I got an invite to Google +. And after clicking through, I was pretty quickly signed up. The invite went to my work email (my friend who works at Google sent it to me) but I think the + account was set up under my Gmail address/Google Login. I can’t quite tell if Google is now hip to my work address and has the two co-mingled, because I do not want that.

Anyway, as soon as I signed up, everything became “Google + -ified”. Google search, calendar, Picasa, my Blogger blog. It’s all tied together. And of course it’s bugging me to add all of the anonymous people I’ve ever emailed via Gmail to my “Circles” (I use it for craigslist, personals, message boards, etc.)

I want my social network shit to be over here, and my Google-ness, web searching, free email, blog, etc, to be over here. I do not want them co-mingled.

I do not want my friends to know what I’ve been searching for, and while Google is all “not evil” they sure do have access to a lot more information than Facebook ever can. Facebook is all opt-in. You put shit on Facebook. Google + … I feel like since it’s GOOGLE it’s got much much more potential to sneak up on us than Facebook ever can.

This reminds me… One thing I wish FB had was the ability for me to approve the tag. A friend could still tag the photo and that friend would see it as tagged, but the world wouldn’t see me tagged in it until I approved it.

I wonder if Google+ will do something like this? Have the tag only be visible to certain circles of friends.

Yeah, that would be nice. The only thing you can do on Facebook is to change the setting so that photos you are tagged in don’t show up to your friends, only to you. I have mine set that way to avoid any potentially embarrassing or inappropriate pictures getting tagged with my name and sent out to my friends’ feeds, but since 99% of photos I get tagged in are totally fine, it would be nice to just be able to approve the good ones and cancel the bad ones.

And that was, according to the comments, the only one that was even remotely accurate. Anyone else smell a Google shill?

This is precisely why that stuff in the article mentioned above makes me not want it. Merging everything into one account is what I’m trying to avoid. Making my friends know what I search for? No way is that a good thing! Facebook knows next to nothing about me–that’s the privacy issue. Combining things makes things less private.

Plus, I hate invite related bullshit. It’s just an artificial way to drum up interest. It is not the only way to limit participation. It just turns the whole thing into a popularity contest, manipulating people into wanting it because it’s “exclusive.” As other websites show, there are other ways of limiting your userbase.

I avoided Gmail forever because of this. I refused to check it out until it was open to everyone.

I’ve seen them offered on some black hat/hacker type sites. I haven’t seen anyone sell them, but they are making it clear they expect something valuable in return. Like what? A What.CD invite :slight_smile:

I got an invite today because a friend of my wife’s was giving them out.

I hope it catches on. It’s like Facebook, but cleaner and more reliable.

Really? It looks just as clean as Facebook to me, and so far absolutely nothing has been reliable about it. Email links don’t work, the chat app plugin didn’t work, I can’t find anything.

Granted it’s just in Beta so I’m not judging its reliability yet based on my poor experience. But in your experience, how is it more reliable than Facebook?

Been using it for a couple days and I’m pretty damn happy with it. Once a few more of my friends migrate over, I won’t think twice about dropping Facebook.

How do I send a Google+ invite?

The coding seems tighter. It’s little things like how a text box responds when it needs to expand, or how the stream of new posts updates. With Facebook I always get a rickety feeling. There are odd hitches and glitches. Plus I like the circle system a lot.

Invites are currently closed. This is still in beta, so the ability to invite comes and goes as Google feels they have the number of users they want. Just like with Gmail; Gmail didn’t stay invite only. When you find things that don’t work/are glitchy or whatnot, use that Send Feedback button–that’s what field test/closed beta is for!

Sweet jesus almighty. Google already made their core competency worse with their “instant results” that show up while you type. Now they’re pushing “social” bullshit into search? It’s almost enough to make a guy use Bing. (Almost.)

[Old Man]Damn kids on my 'Net, with their “social” this and “social” that! It’s been all downhill since Gopher and Archie. Dammit, the Internet used to be where you’d go when you felt antisocial.[/Old Man]

If anyone is feeling generous with those invites, here’s how you can send them to your friends (and here’s a more detailed version).

Also, you’re welcome to rub some of that generousness in my direction by slipping me an invite too. (My email addy is in my contact info). :wink:

Any invites left:
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Eugh. I didn’t like Facebook in the first place, and I am starting to hate the way Google is merging all of their services into one mush.