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You commented that when Simba watches his father die that is is hard to make out the supposed “sex” being spelled out in the clouds. No wonder you could not see it…you looked at the wrong scene. The scene is just over half way through the movie. It is in the evening and Simba is at the edge of a canyon overhang and he “plops” himself down on the ground causing dirt/dust to raise above him. As it begins to fade out you can clearly see the word “sex” form and then vanish. has an entire section on this and other hidden messages found in Disney films.
The squid man.

I don’t know about “clearly”. If you actually read the snopes entry on this, they have this item marked as a “maybe”. For most people, it’s a long way from “clearly”.

To quote the Mikkelsons from this page:

(Emphasis mine)

So to many (including me) the dust cloud doesn’t clearly spell “sex” at all. It may spell SFX, but even that isn’t a certainty.


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The article being discussed is
Do Disney movies contain subliminal erotica? (12-Jul-2000)

For your reading pleasure, I will also provide a link to this somewhat relevant Straight Dope column:
Did Disney’s The Lion King rip off an old Japanese TV series? (24-Dec-1999)

One vote here for the cloud spelling “SFX”. But hey, human nature being what it is, I also firmly believe the animators put it in there on purpose, just to jerk Uncle Walt’s chain posthumously.

Serve 'im right–he killed Bambi’s mother… :smiley: