Lipstick Question

If you’re a guy, how do you tell a lady with whom you might be about to have a relationship that her lipstick shade is too dark?

She’s very intelligent and attractive in all other ways, but he shade of lip color is just too damn dark for my tastes.

Are y’all gonna flame me for this?


Wait until a time where you see her without makeup (or when the lipstick has worn off), and compliment her on how she looks. Maybe that’ll work.

Is the rest of her makeup too dark, or just the lips?

You’re not allowed to comment on makeup choices at the beginning of the relationship. It’s one of those things like pooting that must remain taboo until atleast 6 weeks into the relationship.

Humm - tough one.

I think I would just leave this for a while. Like hillbilly queen said - until you’ve passed gas in front of your woman without her running screaming from the room, it’s probably best not to offer up make up suggestions.

Well, GB, she’s really fair-skinned with black hair, and the shade of red she chose looks like… well hell… clown makeup! Plus she’s really pretty and the deep red makes her look older than she is. She wears little other makeup that I can see. Doesn’t really need it, IMHO.



And I wasn’t planning on farting in front of this woman. Ever. :smiley:


Time to go shopping! Take her to a lovely boutique and get her a complete facial and makeover. When the lovely salesperson puts on a shade of lipstick that is much more flattering, let your lady know how much you really like this new shade. And buy it for her. IMHO, spending money on someone is a wonderful way to show you care. :wink: Just tell her you wanted to do something really special for her as a surprise.

Well, I do agree with the others that you should wait a bit before you broach the topic directly.

In the meantime, how about spitting on a tissue and rubbing the paint off her face? I’m sure that will get a good reaction… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well? How was the dinner theater? What did you wear?

And don’t worry about the lipstick until it’s smeared all over your face! :stuck_out_tongue:

Dinner theatre isn’t until next Thursday the 9th, Sue, and yes, this is the lady who’ll be my date. I’m really good at taking advice, especially when it involves dealing with ladies, so I won’t say anything about the lipstick just yet.

I suspect she wants to be more than friends, though, so the opportunity should present itself at some point. :wink:


Umm…maybe a “mini flame”

First of all, you “might be about to have a relationship with her”?? What’s that supposed to mean? If you’re not in a relationship with her or “might be about to”, I kinda think her lipstick shade is not your business.

And “she’s very intelligent and attractive in all other ways”, then why should you care about her lipstick shade? Obviously some things about her were to “your tastes”.

And if you tell this woman that “you might be about to have a relationship with” that “your shade of lip color is just too damn dark for my tastes”, then I think your chances of possibly having a relationship with her go down considerably.

That was my gut reaction when I read it.

Maybe I’m just in a bad mood right now. If I offend, I’m sorry. But you asked for opinions. (sigh)


Do you guys have a mutual girl friend? Maybe you could tell the mutual friend that “I really like her, but her lipstick color is too bright for me. What do you think?” Depending on her reaction, maybe you could gauge your almost girlfriend’s reaction. If she agrees with you, maybe you could tell the mutual friend “could you possibly hint around about how her lipstick is too red? Maybe help her shop for a more flattering shade?”

Or if you can stand the lipstick shade enough to go into a deeper relationship with this intelligent and attractive-in-all-other-ways woman…when you kiss most or all of it off of her and she says “oh, I have to go refresh my lipstick”, you could say “oh, don’t do that. I love the ‘i just kissed the hell out of you’ look. It’s so sexy.” And if she keeps saying “but i have to put something on my lips” you could say “you know, some I betcha some tinted lipgloss or a paler shade would look soooo good on you”.

But, then again, that sounds kinda gay.

Hell, I don’t know. I’m not a guy, I don’t know how to tell a girl that her lipstick shade is too red!!! As a girl, I would tell another girl (and only if I knew her well enough to know she can take some criticism and can appreciate it, and hopefully give ME constructive criticism when I need it) “honey, your lipstick is too damn red. Blot it or something. Here, try this shade…”





And you didn’t offend. I can take criticism too. I just needed a little direction.


Maybe she’s really a vampire.

Ooh, Heloise, noooo. No no no nooooo.
Being invited to a makeover by a romantic interest would send me running away, screaming and bellowing. Possibly with the romantic interest’s severed head tucked under my arm like a rugby ball. I can’t be the only lady in the world who wouldn’t like to be treated as My Little Dress and Make Up Doll.

Or have I been whooshed?

Phrase it as a compliment. Not “you look like Vampira in that lipstick!” but, “you know, I saw a shade of pale coral lipstick in an ad that you’d look really lovely in—it would bring out the [whatever color] of your hair and your eyes.”

Of course, then she’ll just think you’re gay . . .

I don’t know. I guess it all depends on your relationship with the girl. Some people I take suggestions from really well and others it just pisses me off. Guy or girl doesn’t matter, it depends on how comfortable I am with the person.

start a conversation about turn ons and offs.
make it half jokey if you wish.

then say “pale pink (or what have you) lipstick makes me weak in the knees”

if she continues to wear dark lipstick after that…then you are pretty much screwed.

SuperLorie, can’t say I agree with you.

substitute “stinky ass perfume” or worse yet “BO” for lipstick.

would it be ok for him to be totally turned off by those aspects, even if some things about her were to “his tastes”?

It’s just lipstick, after all.

Had my SO mentioned that he loved “coral” shades, I would have been high tailing it to the nearest cosmetics counter, believe you me.