Liquid Rainbow (Diablo 3 spoiler question)

Simple question here for 'dopers who have acquired the Liquid Rainbow item in the Cave of Mysteries. I’ve seen multiple YouTube videos on how to get this item…they all indicate that it should be on the first level of the Cave of Mysteries, in a box called the Chest of Mysteries (or something like that). I’ve found the cave several times, but never found such a box on the first level…or the second level for that matter. Am I missing something, or is this a double rare spawn (i.e. the cave isn’t always there, and even if the cave IS there the box might not be)?? I have all the other items to make the Staff of Herding, but though I’ve gone back to this over and over I can’t seem to find the Liquid Rainbow.


Yes double rare, rare for the cave to spawn and again rare for the chest of mysteries to spawn. I would say if the cave spawns its close to 30% for the chest to spawn. I did about 25 runs the cave spawned maybe 10 of them times, and finally I got it. (Of course that was before I found out it spawned it 2 different spots.

Ok, thanks. Both of the YouTube videos I watched on getting it said it was 100% if the cave spawned, but I’ve never been able to find the damned chest, so thought I was missing something. It’s funny…I have like 4 Black Mushrooms, and all of the other items, but just can’t seem to get this one.


IMO all the parts were a cinch except for the damn gibbering gemstone. Took about an hour with a level 50 barb on Normal.

I got everything except this in the course of just normal play. I wasn’t even looking for them, or really even knew what they were at first. Now, however, I have all the parts except this one and I can’t seem to get this last piece. I’ve tried maybe 20 times now, and I’ve found the cave maybe 6 times, but the chest has never been there so far.

On a related question, do you have to start a new game every time you want to try for it? What I normally do is start a game in some other act, and then start a new game in Blood and Sand and then teleport to the Oasis Path and just run to where the cave should be. Do you need to do this or am I wasting my time?


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