Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Has Died

Killed in a motorcrash in Honduras yesterday.

She was in a car with 7 other people; no one else was hurt.

news service ran this:

Lopes becomes the second female R&B singer to die tragically in less than a year, following the death last August of rising star Aaliyah in a plane crash in the Bahamas. Arista rapper Notorious B.I.G. was killed in a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles in 1997


Why is B.I.G even mentioned? It seems so out of left field.

Wasn’t Left-Eye the one who went seemingly missing for a while a couple of years back?

Indeed it was.

This is strange; seven other people in the vehicle don’t even get hurt but she dies instantly? Could it be a disappearance scam?

I wonder if they were chasing waterfalls?

B.I.G. was on Arista as was TLC, apparently.

Otherwise I agree, there’s not much connection.

Where is TLC going to find a new L? I vote for Lemmy from Motorhead. Or Les Claypool.

Wasn’t she the one who burned that NFL player’s house to the ground after an argument?

Man, there goes one hard-core chick.

I hear La-La from the Teletubbies is looking for work.

Yes, she was; the NFL player in question is Andre Rison; said house was only a few miles away from me. The argument was over shoes; Andre went out shopping, and didn’t get anything for her.

Or maybe she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt?

Maybe I’m easy, but this sure made me laugh.

The celebs sure are dropping like flies these days, aren’t they?

No, the arguement was about Andre spending the weekend with (reportedly) Spinderella from Salt n Pepa. The shoes part was that she put all of his sneakers into the bathtub and set them on fire.

And yes, it does seem celebrities are dying at an increased rate.

She maintained that burning down the house was accidental. She said she was symbolically burning stuffed animals in the bathtub and fire then got out of hand.

Perhaps it was shoes she was burning as Biggirl states. The part of the story I remember was that she had done this previously when the house featured a marble tub that, of course, did not go up in flames. Apparently during a remodel they replaced the marble tub with a flamable one. Lisa didn’t know it was flammable, according to her, IMHO believable, story.

I vote for Lou Reed.

Liberace! Oh, wait… he’s dead too, isn’t he?

Okay. 7 people in 1 car? Maybe “car” really means big ol’ honkin’ SUV?

I’d second the vote that maybe she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.

I didn’t know the first thing about Lopes & TLC (although I’m sure I heard that “Waterfalls” song somewhere). It’s very sad that she died so young but when [url""]Yahoo was generous enough to explain why she was named Left Eye, I thought it was one of the most ridiculous things I ever heard in my life. Does anyone care to provide a little context or thematic insight to this, uh, choice of accessory?

#$%*! Sorry about the coding. Here’s the LA Times, which provides a little more explanation. I read on another site that the condom was packaged, an important detail, IMO (since otherwise, the pure visualization of it is, well, pretty peculiar).

Oh, and I saw footage of that fire on the news–that was a big frickin’ house! Still, sad news for LL/TLC fans. :frowning: