origin of Left Eye Lisa's name

I saw the story that Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes had died in a car crash. In it, they say:

Now, I know that she did in fact do that during performances, but I had always heard that she was blind in that eye/had a glass eye. Just an UL I’ve believed all these years?

Never heard about that, but in the CNN coverage of her death, they did show a picture of her with a packaged condom over her left eye, which would seem to be the true source of her nickname.

Apropos of nothing, I happen to live just a few miles from what was the home of her boyfriend Andre Rison (the one she torched); as I recall, she was pissed because Andre went shoe-shopping and didn’t get anything for her.

From what I heard, it was because someone once told her they liked her left eye better than her right eye.

Re: the house burning

I saw an interview where she said that Andre had bought a bunch a shoes, and it pissed her off so she burned them in a nice marble bathtub.

Andre did it again, so she decided to burn the shoes again. The marble bathtub, though, was ruined from her previous shoe-burning and replaced with one that was actually flammable (fibreglass?). Up goes the house.

She’s also said that they got in fistfights from time to time and that one of these catalyzed her to burn some stuff – but that she hadn’t realized it’d spread to the building.