This thread reminded me of some funny situations that frequently occured while I was growing up. My brother had a lisp that he still has traces of today. He had a terrible time pronouncing his “esses” (and as his name is Jesse this lead to some high comedy.)
My chubby, angelic looking little brother and I would be out messing about for some reason or another and would eventualy attract the attention of, say, a little old lady. The little old lady would invariably lean over my brother and…

Lady: Oh arn’t you just darling blah blah blah what’s your name little boy?
Jesse: Jeffeh
L: Oh, how sweet, nice to meet you Jeffie.
J: no, my name ith Jeffeh.
L: O…Jeffie?
J: NO! Jeffeh!!! JEFFEH! JEFFEH!
L: bewildered, leaning closer…Jeffie??


Got any stories to contribute to this thread?

ROFLMAO :slight_smile: That was too funny, and I have laughed every time I read it! Perhaps, with your permission, I will print it out and hang it in my office to read during those bad days.

I had a slight lisp as a child and went to my elementary school’s speech therapist for a bit.

The cool thing was…after your session you got to choose a prize! I always enjoyed the red cellophane fish that curled in your palm depending on how warm your little hand was.

Hmmm…wonder if they still make those things…great, something new to add to my list of childhood toys that I want back!