Little Big Planet

So I finally got around to renting this game to see if it lives up to the hype. Well, it definitely does and is an amazing game. The graphics are outstanding. The sound is outstanding. And the controls are outstanding (for the most part). There are a HUGE amount of things to grab and find in each level (50+ in each level I’ve played so far). The sticker switch mechanic is well done and makes the game very replayable. I have not tried the level creator yet but I probably will later tonight.

My wife NEVER plays video games. EVER. And she played LBP with me for 3 hours straight last night. There are doors all over each level where dead players (up to 4 I think) will pop out of so they can jump back in during play. This makes it fun so you don’t have to wait for the level to be over or wait for the remaining player to die for the others to join back in. It’s an excellent mechanic and it is what keeps my wife playing because she knows when she dies she’ll be able to come back in minute when I reach the next door.

It is a challenging game for people who don’t have Nintendo thumb. Some jumps are very tricky. The spot on physics make it harder to land jumps on small platforms.

We both really like outfitting sackboy. There are a ton of options already and I’m only in the 3rd story.

All in all it’s a great game and it has made me root for the success of the PS3 because it would be a shame if a unique game like this disappeared with a dead console without everyone having a chance to experience it.

Anyone else played it? Any of you make levels? Wanna trade?

No, but I was thinking of getting it for my teenage girls for Xmas. I got them PS3 and Rock Band 2 already and wanted another game.

How difficult is the set up? I know you play with other players, but I don’t know how that works. Do I have to pay a monthly fee?

Setup is non-existent, basically. You put the game in, start it up, and away you go. You start out with the tutorial/credits, and continue through the generally simple (yet amazing) first few levels. Then they start getting devilish on you. You don’t pay a monthly fee to play online. Once you’ve completed the tutorial, you can choose to play alone or online and it will automatically match you with a game of up to four other players (at least, that’s all I’ve seen).

I love this game. The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is simple yet genius, the customizability of your Sackboy is hilarious, and the online play (so far) has been top notch/lag free. Plus you have downloadable community created levels, many of which are ingenius. One level was basically a knock off of G4tv’s Ninja Warrior. Another I’ve played was a Mirror’s Edge homage. The tools they give you to create your own levels are incredibly comprehensive, yet not overly difficult to use. Plus you have about 45 minutes of tutorials on each and every facet of level creation.

Keep in mind, however, that you don’t want to leave your Rock Band dongles plugged in when you start up a new game, else the game thinks you have more players than you actually do. My brother and I couldn’t figure out how to move past the tutorial until we unplugged them on a hunch. :slight_smile:

Wow. I can’t believe that a thread about what wasa supposed to be one of Sony’s biggest releases for the PS3 this year died after only 2 posts.

A shame. It really is a great game.

Actually, your post made me consider getting it. I didn’t know much about it, I thought it was mostly a kid’s game. But, looking at your post made me watch some trailers and it really does look fun. It’s on my list of games to consider

And your post made me consider getting it…for my wife. She also never plays video games. And, well, I kinda sorta want to play it to, but having just bought Bioshock need an excuse to spend another $60 on a game.

Your wife still enjoying it?

Yes. She was asking me if we were going to play tonight. We’ve put 5 or 6 hours into it together.

I suggest at least renting it. Not much to lose there and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Hmm…I had been on the fence beforehand but I’ll seriously look into getting it now. My girlfriend likes playing games and this looks like one we’d be able to play together.

I have been buying too many games lately, but LBP was one I’ve had my eye on for quite some time. CoD:WaW is boring me right now, but Fallout 3 just came in the mail yesterday. From what I hear, Fallout is an engrossing game, but I’d like LBP if you could just plug it in and play a few levels every now and then. Is it that kind of game?


So is anyone playing online? Has anyone made any custom levels? We’ve been having a blast playing through the ‘storyline’ so far, but we haven’t tried out online yet. Is it worth it?

Can you play co-op online?

I tried a couple of user-made levels online last night. There are two options on the user levels online: ‘play alone’ and ‘play with others’. I didn’t try the ‘play with others’ option, but it sounds as if there are others playing that level at the same time, you’re able to co-op with others online.

According to wiki: