LittleBigPlanet: I don't get it

Everyone seems to be really hyped for this game and it’s mentioned on every list of the PS3’s big killer apps. All of the previews focus on user-generated content. But what is the core game itself? Platformer? Puzzle game? Pure sandbox experience with no set goals? From screenshots it looks like you control a little character and can make him run and jump-- that’s all I can glean about the actual gameplay.

What is the deal with this game and why is everyone so excited for it?

Physics based platformer with user generated content and four player co-op. Not to mention the extremely cute characters. What’s not to like? We haven’t exactly been overwhelmed by big budget platformers lately, so fans of the genre would be pretty excited. My favourite trailer is still the first one:

It’s made a PS3 purchase an inevitability for me. One more price drop.

Damn. Way to make me want a game system I can’t afford! That looks fun as hell. Catchy music, too.

Oh well. I guess my 360 will have to be enough for now. Maybe in a year or two…

I actually had no interest in this game until I saw the trailer for it. Actually, up until that point I’d been confusing Little Big Planet with Home. Not sure how I did that, but oh well. Either way, this as an exclusive to PS3 has really sold the system to me.

I’m going to end up buying a PS3 instead of a 360, I think, just because of the exclusives that the PS3 will have. Especially since they’re going to be bundling an 80 gig with MGS4 and a DualShock 3 controller in June. If it’s backwards-compatible, I’m sold and out money I really shouldn’t be spending. :smack:

The 80 GB PS3s are partially backwards compatible. Some games still won’t play or will experience issues with them.
To explain LBP… it’s cute! o.o And you basically make your own game, creating levels and objects on the fly with friends or playing through them. Earlier reviewers have talked about an interface that makes it easy to download levels from a central database, just to try them out and vote on the best ones.

There are also theories that Sony’s initial plan will be to release LittleBigPlanet as a low-cost demo/platform this year, then take the best levels from the playstational gestalt sometime next year and release those as an extended version.