Live action 70s kids show question

I’m trying to find the name of a live action kids show from the 70 or early 80’s. It involved kids going to their club house threw a fence by them activating some gears and pulleys on the fence to open it. they had a smart kid that made things and they solved Scooby-Doo type mysteries. Any clues anyone???

Welcome to the boards, Stygian. I know there’s a factual answer to your question, but I think you have a better chance of getting it from someone in Cafe Society, our forum for the arts and entertainment, so I’m moving it there from GQ.

Sounds like “The Three Investigators”. But to my knowledge it was not a television show, just a juvenile novel series.

Hi and welcome, Stygian.

I recognise the premise you mention with regard to a British TV show from that era. In fact check out this very similar question I asked last year to get the answer:

The Double Deckers

Wow. This question comes up every year, and it’s always the Double Deckers.