Live Free or Change Your Slogan

California - ¿Se Habla Español?

Florida - Making Other States Look Smarter Since 1845

Wyoming - The Other Rectangular State

Kentucky’s is, “Kentucky: it’s that friendly.” The underlining is an official requirement.

I’d recommend “Kentucky: We do wear shoes, dammit!”

New Hampshire: Too lazy to come up with a new name

Vermont - Gays with guns.

Tying nicely to the OP and our recent victory over legal, assisted suicide…

“Oregon: Live Free. Or Die. Your Choice”

Do they still say “You’ve got a friend in Pennsylvania”? 'Cause he owes me like 20 bucks…

“California: Two States for the Price of One!”

Wisconsin - Eat Cheese or Die

Florida: “God’s Little Waiting Room”

Pennsylvania: “Bumps in Road Next 300 Miles”

Connecticut: effervescent adolescents acknowledge that Cs can be silent.”

Massachusetts: Wanna see tax dollars literally poured down a big hole?”

Rhode Island: As you leave, we’ll be larger than we appear.”

Vermont: Ethan Allen attacked New York and negotiated with the British to make us part of Canada. That’s our idea of a patriot.”

New Hampshire: Moo.”

Maine: If refrigeration hadn’t been invented, we’d all be rich by now.”

Okay, the New Hampshire one was an old joke. Here’s another one:

New Hampshire: Last gas before leaving New Hampshire.”

"New Hampshire: Vetting presidential candidates since 1952.

(Don’t blame us; you should see the ones we rejected!)"

Louisiana’s is “Union, Justice, Confidence,” (I think) which is just so blah. Lately, I’m going for, “It’s cotton, not grass, man!”

“Live free or die” was awesome. Bah to them for changing it.

The problem with the new New Hampshire motto is that it sounds like something out of Annie.

My New York ideas:
New York: Hey, watch where you’re going! Fuckin’ tourists.

New York: Why are youse driving? You too good for our public transit system or sumtin?

New York: Honk and die.

NH: “Live, Freeze and Die”

I can’t take credit – I heard it on the tele.

I mean no offense to residents of the Wolverine State when I say that in my opinion the dumbest state motto has to be Michigan’s:
If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look around you”.
Granted, I know Michigan has got that northerly “slice” called the Upper Peninsula and so what?
Do they expect this motto to be the major selling point of that state?
Will this cause hordes of pleasant peninsula seekers to be drawn irrestibly to their state ?
Will they have to post signs stating “Seekers of Pleasant Peninsulas Keep Out !!! Our quota has been met”.
Perhaps their new slogan should be "The governor’s relatives will never be allowed to choose our state slogan ever again !!! "

During this brouhaha Governor Lynch unveiled a mock-up of a “compromise” sign: New Hampshire. Love It Or Die. :smiley:
I’d like to suggest one for Mass: You Think Our Drivers Are Bad? Have You Been To RI?!

Ohio Piss On Us as you Pass On Thru**

Utah Seven Brides for One Brother.
Hawaii We have a cow in our zoo. Do you?

Pennsylvania Come, drive our Turnpike and see NOTHING!!!111!!!

**Michigan: Home of Jack Kervorkian. **

Michigan: Lions, Blizzards and zero economy…oh my…

Florida (home of the Famous Coppertone Sign) Beyond The Pale

Ontario: Yours to Discover.

Ontario: Truckin’ our garbage to Michigan since 1998.

Ontario: 12 million people. 12 trillion mosquitoes.

Ontario: A temperate climate, on average.

Ontario: Land of many meetings, and no decisions.

Of the handful of states I’ve lived in:

North Dakota:
“Hell yeah, it’s cold, but it keeps the riff-raff from Minnesota out.”
“One hundred and fifty Minutemen missiles can’t be wrong!”
“Uff dah, youbetcha!”

“Big Sky Country: Where men are men, and the sheep are scared.”

New Jersey
“The Garden State because Oil/Petrochemical/Manufacturing State is too long to fit on our license plates.”
“Hell, they film the Sopranos here!”
“New York Lite: Same stuff they’ve got, but none of the crime!”

Uff dah!

I’ve been trying to find the official state slogan for California, but haven’t had any luck. I hereby nominate:

“Welcome to California! Take someone with you when you leave.”