Livejournal code

I recently recieved a livejournal code from someone on this website. I lov emy new livejournal and I thank that person so very much. A close friend of mine is now wanting a livejournal but I have already given out my code. Does anyone have a livejournal code to spare? Thanks!

Here ya go td7snaaa89tj

Enjoy. Whats your name on LJ?

Thanks for the code! I hope no mean people took it!

Oh…could I, pretty please beg one from someone as well

rolls over
chases stick
begs more

I’m poor and cannot yet afford paid access.

LiveJournal’s currently being hit by a nasty DDOS attack, else I’d link my code giveaway program here. Maybe later.

Thanks spazcat, if it is OK could you email? My mail is in my profile.

Wouldn’t help. My codes are on the site and the site’s gone crashy now. When it goes back up, I’ll post the url for my code giveaway here.

Thank you ever so much, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ve temporarily distracted the DDOS demons, so here’s the url for my code giveaway:

No telling if you’ll be able to see this or not, but if you can’t keep checking this site ( to find out when the DDOS demons have been exorcised.