Liz Cheney way down in poll, GOP primary is August 16th {With 96% of the votes reported, she lost 66% to 29%}

poll is 1 month old but in small states they don’t do a lot of polls

I think she’s pretty much done at this point. Wyoming is a very red state and has been for a while (remember who her father is). As long as Trump continues his political conquests, I see her becoming a perennial talking head on mainstream media news shows I wish her luck in whatever she decides to do.

She never struck me as a stupid person. I’m sure she realized that her political career is likely over once she started to push back against the more radical factions of her party. She’s not far enough to the right for the Republicans, and she’s definitely no Democrat. She no longer fits anywhere.

On the other hand, she has raised her profile to an immense degree, which should open a lot of doors for her outside of an elected office.

This is certainly a possibility.

This is not at all accurate. She’s extremely right-wing. What she’s not is willing to do obeisance to Trump. The GOP is no longer a right-wing party. It’s a personality cult.

I believe that’s a distinction without a difference to some on the right. If she doesn’t go along with Trump, she’s a lefty.

I don’t dispute that in reality she’s very far to the right. But that no longer has anything to do with policies or beliefs for the GOP. If you don’t agree with Trump, you’re a liberal.

I see no reason to concede the definitions of political terms to a bunch of cultists.

I’m not “conceding” anything. You don’t have to agree with a group to discuss their opinions.

If I say that Neo-Nazis believe that non-whites aren’t human enough for them, I’m not saying that only white people are human, only that they ignorantly think so. And if I say that Cheney isn’t far enough to the right for the GOP, I’m not saying she isn’t far to the right, just that they believe so.

She knows she can make way more money as a lobbyist and lawyer. Easily 2x or 3x what she makes now.

Unless the hard fascists really win in the end. Then her whole family and their businesses are either figurative or literal toast.

Sure, that’s the concillation prize, but I don’t think that’s why she got into politics in the first place.

She’s basically the most conservative member of congress.

…and yet…

That’s not at all related to being liberal.

I know the public perception is that, for a former member of Congress, becoming a lobbyist is a license to print money. But there are many former members who tried and failed or who struggle just to keep the lights on.

The value of a former Member as a lobbyist is his or her relationships. If you have strong relationships with current Members who are influential on committees relevant to powerful industries, then yeah, you’re gonna have a good time lobbying. But Cheney’s burned her relationships with Republican members, and while Democrats may respect her work on the January 6 Committee, they’ll have little use for her after she’s gone.

Not that she’ll have much to worry about anyway – she’s a millionaire several times over.

has she shot anyone in the face?

I think that her growing up in a political family may have given her a longer term view of politics than most others, and a concern for what her legacy will be. I am frankly surprised/disappointed that more of the GOP doesn’t have similar motivation. It would seem to me that the two main reasons to seek high office are to change the country to match your view or what it should be and to get your name in the history books as a great American. Acting as a Trump flunky to assist his destruction of Democracy does neither.

Yeah. The label “RINO = Republican In Name Only” used to mean that the politician in question was significantly deviating from mainstream Republican core principles in some way. Like Rhode Island Senator Linc Chafee in 2005 voting against GOP-backed budget cuts and wanting US troops out of Iraq and even announcing that he didn’t vote for GWB’s re-election.

As in, you had to be actually somewhat centrist or even liberal to get the label. None of that applies to Liz Cheney. All “RINO” stands for these days is “Rejects Insurrectionists, Nuts, Outlaws”.

she could pull a Clinton and run in another state .

She would lose in any other state. She’s done within the GOP and she’s clearly not within any bounds of the Democrat’s platform.

I kinda wish the Dems, who will never win that seat in Congress and shouldn’t even bother, would nominate her as their candidate. If the Dems pull 30% of the vote normally, and she can attract about the number of votes she’s drawing in the GOP primary, might that not throw the seat to the Dems?