Would you vote for Liz Cheney for president in 2024?


Without any hesitation, I would. If she was running in the local primary for Republican Presidential Nominee I would register as a Republican and cast my vote for her. If she made it to the General Election, I’d have to think about it, but probably would, too. And, I have never voted Republican for a national office.

Not that I embrace her political philosophy, not that I don’t believe any Democratic Nominee would be good for the country,but I do believe it would be the quickest and most effective way to put an end to Trumpism and that would be worth it.

No. Trump is her dragon.

Absolutely not.

No way.

I’m glad she has principles, but based on her policies and voting record. No deal.

No. Although I admire her courage in the face of the criticism and hate she’s received as the result of her stand against T—p, I probably disagree with her on most every other issue.

No. She’s standing for the Republican Ideals of the post-Reagan era. And I strongly disagree with them. I do give her some grudging respect for seeming to be true to those ideals rather than flaming self-interest. But I do NOT give her my vote.


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No way. She’s doing the right thing now, but her voting record says it all. If she was running for President, my vote would go to the candidate who had the chance to keep the Republican out.

If I lived in her state I would cross the line and vote for her as Senator (since a dem ain’t gonna win anyway).

Couldn’t vote for her as President though.

She’s the Sam Irvin of January 6.

But not to forget Sam Irvin’s earlier involvement in hunting a fugitive Black man down and hanging his corpse on display.

Sam Ervin.

Liz Cheney is very much an apologist for her father…you know, they guy who got the United States involved in two of its longest and most expensive wars to line his pockets and promote a neoconservative philosophy of world affairs. Also, her views are entirely in line with hard-line conservatism including opposition to abortion access, marriage equality, voting rights, et cetera. Good on her that she’s willing to stand up to the Trumpian proto-fascism but otherwise, fuck her.



How is it possible that people in 2022 don’t understand that Republicans move in lockstep? John McCain was supposedly a “maverick” but he voted 99% in line with the party. And that was back in the days of supposed bipartisanship.

Liz Cheney and a few others are thankfully right on this one issue, which nevertheless will go nowhere and not put a single piece of legislation into law. She is wrong on everything else and will gleefully vote that way.

Voting for her because of Trump is self-immolation.

I could not vote for Liz Cheney for all the reasons discussed above: She’s a staunch conservative with political ideals that I could not possibly agree with.

I will grant, however, that she is a principled conservative who, AFAIK, operates in good faith – a largely lost trait in the Republican world.

If she were to become President, I suspect it would not be a total apocalyptic disaster. We’ve had highly conservatives before. I think it would be possible for Democrats, liberals, progressives to work with her in good faith and develop compromises that make nobody happy.

She’s sufficiently staunchly conservative that I suspect such compromises would lean further conservative than I would care for. Republicans would probably be a little less unhappy with her compromises than Democrats would.

She would not be a chaos president of destruction, as so many current Republicans seem hell-bent on being.

But I would not want her to become President.

This is the process of each iteration of Republicanism getting progressively more and more horrific so that we always long for the last iteration. I mean, who wouldn’t settle now for the relative sanity of the despised Dubya as the next president, it if eliminated the possibility of Trump Round 2?

Yeah, same as Mitt Romney. They have some morals and backbone, and if they won, I wouldn’t be despondent, but they would still put conservatives on the Court.


I would, but she wouldn’t be my first GOP choice.

This is close to what I’d do. I’d vote for her for Senator in the Republican primary, so that, if a Republican wins, it will at least be a decent one. I would not vote for her in the general election.

Whether I would vote for her in the Republican presidential primary is a bit murkier. I could see myself doing so if her opponent is a MAGA-type and we continue to see a likelihood that they may win. It might be better to run against someone decent just in case. But a Republican president would get in the way of doing the things that need to be done in this country. A veto-proof majority is unlikely even without the coattails that the President provides.

On the other hand, if she does win, said coattails would mean that it’s likely the Repubs win both Houses, and it would be good to have someone there who won’t let them get away with their worst. So it’s a hard decision.

I definitely don’t vote for her in the general at all, though, except in the unlikely situation that the Democrat is worse, which would be a very difficult feat to accomplish. Especially, yes, with the Supreme Court issue. Priority right now has to be on unpacking the Court before we lose even more rights.

Heck no. Not for all the beef in Wyoming.

So long as Cheney is a Republican, I will not vote for her. If she were to change party, and prove that she is sincere, then perhaps she would get my vote.