Load Parent Post issue

An issue that’s popped up very recently: When a post is a reply to another, and the “Load parent post” curly arrow is present, clicking on it loads the referenced post in a box that extends too far to the right. This happens with the Straight Dope Light and Straight Dope Dark themes, but didn’t seem to be happening with a couple of other themes I tried.

I’m replying to myself to see if I can get that arrow to show up, so people can see what I mean.

ETA: Nope, I think replying to the post immediately above doesn’t work.

Let me do it for you, then

Quoting the post gives a different “expand/collapse” icon, which doesn’t have the same problem. Let’s see if I’ve gotten the right icon this time.

ETA: Nope, maybe because I’m replying to myself? (I would erase these tries if I could…)

You can see the link I mean on this randomly chosen post:

At the top there’s a link back to e_c_g’s post that it’s responding to. If I click on that icon, the box it opens extends significantly further too the right than it should. Again, this is using the Straight Dope Light or Dark themes.

Oh, I see what you’re saying now. Let me make one in this thread, by NOT quoting you from a post that’s one back.

When I click that button by your name, it does indeed scoot out too far. to the right, moving the scroll bar over.

Like this:

Hey thanks ! I just checked that post … and it led me find that the LaTex is
now working ! Woohoo. I’ll let dr.strangelove know …

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m seeing.

Good news!