Local commercial WTF? And challenge!

First, I think we call know local commercials are usually terrible because they mostly lack any sort of budget. So what you end up with is a very weak commercial with poor production values, bad sound, terrible acting, and questionable decision-making. However, this evening, I happened to catch a glimpse of this beauty and I’m still not sure what it means.

After watching it, I wrote down the company name to see if it was on YouTube and sure enough, there it is, for the world to see.

So the big question is, did it work for you? Will you be buying a car from this guy and his staff today?

My challenge is this… If you think you have a stranger local commercial than this one to share, please do. My guess is that nothing will come close. However, if this generates enough interest and/or replies, I will turn it into a poll to determine once and for all what the worst and most bizarre local commercial ever filmed is. I think this wins by default.

Fixed Link

And no, that wouldn’t sway me to go to his dealership. It probably wouldn’t turn me away from it, but it wouldn’t make me want to go.
It almost boarders on creepy with whatever the hell those guys were doing. I suppose they were trying to make it look like he was flying with the engine hoist, but with the way the guys were dressed and with them poking and fidgeting with him the whole time, it looked like some kind of sex swing orgy. It took me a few seconds to even figure out what was going on.

I went to school up in Rochester, where we were constantly bombarded by ads for local ambulance-chaser Jim The Hammer Shapiro.

They were endless and unceasingly hilarious.

At first, it looks like a bunch of diapered twinks at an S&M rave, preparing to have sex with a submissive bear who’s hanging from a crane-mounted sex swing. And what’s with the life-sized cutout of the dealer dressed in a maid outfit?? My interpretation: It’s got a Valentine’s Day theme. The hanging guy holding the bow is Cupid in a lei. And the guys in diapers are Cupid’s angel king helpers. It’s definitely memorable. Still, I’m not sure I could take a car salesman seriously after seeing him bare-chested and diapered on public access. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hereby submit Eagle Man. Anyone who watched tv in Chicagoland in the mid-90s should remember this. =)

OH god, just found the sequels:
Eagle Man 2 (Eagle Woman) (featuring Q101 DJ Mancow)
Eagle Man 3

I kind of miss Tall Paul.

we have an attorney, Jim Adler here in Texas that calls himself “the hammer” maybe they should sue each other over the name.

This one is pretty bizarre!

I’m not going to watch those right now, but I know which ones they are. We got them in Milwaukee too. I remember seeing them and assuming they were some sort of school/college homework for a communications or advertising class. I wasn’t even sure if they were real.
Then a few years later, Mancow started getting syndicated in Milwaukee and a while after that the commercials resurfaced as people figured out that the guy in the commercial was the guy on the radio.

I’ll check later for some video, but we have a local jewelry store that has unintentionally hilarious commercials. One had them saying something like “Men, if you’re looking for a great gift for your wife or girlfriend, try filling her holes. These diamond studded earrings will look great on her ears.”
And no, the double entendre does not appear to be intentional.


I used to catch these while watching the Cardinals on TV. I’m not from St. Louis but I did hunt down one of these stores while visiting based on their commercials.

In this one they censor the word “Cigarettes.” Always made me wonder why.

There’s a whole series of these. What do I win?

Appeal - Word UP!

There’s a local store called The pet Cabaret that belongs on this list. Weird ads, but in a good way; kinda like if Ren & Stimpy sold out.

Sales Dog
Side Show
Hero Dog

Mr. Appliance

Awful commercial for Eastern Motors aired ad nauseum in the DC area. There’s a whole series of these, usually featuring Redskins players. The linked one has Brian Orakpo and, for absolutely no reason whatsoever, Gilbert Gottfried.

That is just…creepy, funny, and wtf all rolled into one!

Furniture for professional wrestlers!

YouTube celebrities Rhett & Link did a series where they traveled around the country helping local small businesses make TV commercials. Most of them turned out pretty good:
Black and White People Furniture - Red House Commercial

Epic and Honest Mobile Home Commercial

Butt Drugs

Totally Random Repo Commercia

And my personal favorite, Donut Prince.

The Spanner

BecauseFederal law prohibits cigarette advertising on TV and radio. Which you’d think would make it difficult to advertise, but they found a way to do it.

The store hasn’t been nearly as iconic since Fred left, though.