Local commercials are so freaky

I have been seeing this one running on cable channels in Cleveland:
Norton Furniture which has the worst Green Screen effect I’ve ever seen, terrible Walmart Halloween quality costumes, and acting that would make fresh cat vomit more likely to win an Oscar.

A YouTube search for Norton Furniture comes up with all sorts of zaniness. What the hell is up with this kind of thing?

What are the crazy commercials in your area?

I think perhaps this one is even more terrifying and this one is just disturbing

It’s just like a Mini Mall!

I’m not actually from Montgomery, but close enough. I have seen this guy on TV, but only because the commercial became popular on the internet.

Vox Imperatoris

Opal, welcome to the freak show that is Cleveland.:cool:

Living in a state which doesn’t have medical marijuana, seeing a commercial from Colorado for “doctor approved marijuana” seems a bit strange.

No Youtube clips but a local Toyota dealer has been putting his identical twin girls (11 now I think) on his commercials to hawk his cars. They dress identically and talk in unison.

I saw a lot of “Local” ads when I was last in the US and was struck by the uncanny resemblance to an episode of Tom Goes To The Mayor.

Or by the uncanny resemblance of TGTTM episodes to Local Ads. Yes, I know it’s a deliberate effort on Tim and Eric’s part. You know what I mean.

Local Ads here in Australia are usually surprisingly professional; but TV advertising isn’t cheap so I don’t think Al’s Wild Wacky Inflatable Arm-Waving Tube Man Emporium & Warehouse (Just off the Bruce Highway Near Proserpine Before the Airlie Beach Turn Off- Look For The Giant Sea Horse!) is going to bother buy airtime on one of the local TV channels unless he can afford a decent ad to go with it.

This. Norton Furniture is one of the best reasons to get Tivo.

I just realized looking at their map that their location is the big scary furniture building I drive past every day on my way to school (CSU)

We have these three awful brothers who do commercials for Bay City Plywood. They don’t just sell plywood, they sell kitchen cabinets and such. For many many years their schtick has been to hunch over and swing their arms and make noises like a gorilla. Every once in a while they try to do something different, like the time they did a riff on The Dating Game and one of the huge ugly brothers puts on a blonde wig to be the bachelorette. shudder

Sorry, I can’t do you tube links but I bet there are some around on them.

The Eagle Insurance commercials here in Chicago are legendarily bad. Here’s the original (featuring “shock jock” Mancow).
Also, can’t forget Moo & Oink. Good stuff!

Egad, Opal, isn’t the point of a green screen that you can remove the green? Or did they run out of money before they got to that part?

In Eugene Oregon it was Mr. Appliance Waaah!

Compilation of various ‘dogs’.

Sample commercial

Not ‘bad’ so much as ‘iconic’.

I could swear when I was little he actually had a dog.

Traditionally, yes. I wonder if they just don’t have the tech savvy? It’s rather sad, isn’t it?

Since some of the “actors” are wearing green, I wonder if they ran into an issue. They probably needed a blue screen. On the otherhand, if a green screen effect was their intent, why did they have plants in the background?

I think I know the answer to this one!

…they’re stupid and inept?

OpalCat, I watch Cleveland cable TV all the time and I have never seen that commercial. But we get Time Warner; maybe you’re on Adelphia? I’ve been missing out!

We’re on Time Warner too, I’m pretty sure. It was on during the Daily Show the other day, and also during Star Trek Voyager, I think.

Oh yeah, there used to be a Doper called PussyCow. She (?) got her name from a common mis-hearing of the Cal Worthington jingle.