Local mom does good

I see from browsing that a local San Diego Mom make $77.hr online. How much do they make in your parts?

What? Your post and title don’t go together. It also sounds like this should be a PM?

I think he (or she) is referring to those stupid BS internet ads that say things like “Local Mom makes $77/hour from home! Click here!!!1!!11”

Anyway, local moms make about $120 an hour around DFW.

At the moment I’m only getting “Mom lost 46 pounds following 1 rule!” and “DON’T pay for white teeth” so I couldn’t tell you.

By the way, why does the SDMB have such trashy, scammy ads? Couldn’t you get something that might actually interest the target demographic?

I clicked on it once out of curiosity, she made around $100/hour!!, I think. I don’t understand why they paid her in dollars when she lives in London though.

There were some comments added by the general public below like:

“Is this real? I could use some extra money!! Kate”


“Kate, yes it is!!! I was skepical too but got a check for $9,500 for my first month through today!!!”.

Unfortunately the comments section was closed when I looked so I could add any myself.

My ads are for giraffeboards and AARP. Oh, and of course, the woman from Seattle who lost 48 lbs. And $39 auto insurance

Local moms here can make about $150-200 hour or maybe even more, depending on how hot they are and what they’re willing to do. This does not take into account any legal costs or anyone else’s cut, though.

$77 an hour.

Wonder if she does a reach around or is that extra.

Local moms around here aren’t making anything. That’s probably why Obama is asking them to return to school.

I like how the ad feed pulls off of the zip code of the server. Here at work, moms from a non-existent town are making $72/hr. Where could they be working, and where do they actually live? If they’re making $72/hr, and the population of this “town” is zero, does this city have an infinite per capita income?

Local mums around here have discovered an amazing secret method to really white teeth.

I am a local mom and I’ll have you know I made $94,000 last year at home online from my freelance work.


It’s $77/hour here. I bet that goes a lot farther here than it does in San Diego.

I was mostly curious to see if the ads changed the amount made depending on the location. But strangely about half the responses are from people who don’t take the earning power of local moms seriously.

Rigamarole I don’t think that there is a large number of people paying for non scammy ads these days.

Like many of your local moms, my local moms have discovered the secrets to white teeth. Oddly enough, they appear to only have four of them, and they are very large and square and look kinda like Nicorette gum.

Moms make $87/hr here. And evidently moms with horrifically scary purple lipstick and fingernails, and gigantic teach can whiten them by… chewing on a pair of pliers? That’s what it looks like to me. I guess that’s why the dentist doesn’t want you to know… Although wouldn’t that get them more business if you start munching on some metal?

And evidently if you have huge tattoos on your chest, you can get some sun and get ripped by using a supplement or two.

$20, same as downtown.


“Non existent town”? How does that work?

Here, the world headquarters for our company is in Dayton, we have a field centre that does similar work to ours in Columbia, SC, and all three of these (yes including my job :frowning: ) are in the process of moving to Atlanta. I’ve seen all three of these locations for “local moms” ads here at work, and I’ve been at the same computer for years - a computer located in Canada. Interestingly, when I browse the Dope at home, the “local mom” ads don’t come up as much (nor do I think the “Obama says” ads), but on the occassion they do, they don’t list a city.

Oh, so you’re in West Virginia then? :smiley:

I kid, folks, I kid!

Obama’s been a busy guy lately. Besides hectoring area moms, he’s been “favoring insurance regulation” (which somehow means that you should buy cheap-shit auto insurance) and offering homeowners generous refinancing. Any minute now, he’ll need help with transferring funds from a Nigerian bank.

On the flipside, local dads have been getting rippped in two weeks.