Loco soda. Do you like it too? Where can I get more??

Loco Soda.

Gee, I love the stuff. Fruit juices mixed with chili pepper extract! It’s heavenly!!!

Sadly, it also seems to be unavailable! Their website is dead, noone returns emails or answers the phone.

I found a few bottles last weekend at our local “everything’s a dollar” grocery store, where dead products are sent by mainstream retailers. I managed to get a few bottles of the lime, mango, and raspberry flavors, and I’m coveting every last bottle!

My net searches have not turned up any other living sources for the stuff. Anybody here got any ideas?

Nobody? Damn!

Good thing I went back to the dollar store and found 3 more bottles today!

Geez, man! Chili extract in pop? And I thought I was into some weird crap…

Here’s a quote attributed to the philosopher Herbert Spencer:

You’re absolutley right. Hope you find more!

Thanks. I’ll keep hunting.

Tho I suppose I can get some standard carbonated juice drinks and just add capsaicin, if I need to. I’ll have to get the pure, flavorless capsaicin extract, though. I don’t think my tomato-based “endorphin rush” will taste nice mixed with mango soda.

Fuck that.

I tried some stuff called Brain Wash soda one time. I’m a pretty open-minded guy, and I like hot food anyway, so I figured this was right up my alley. Wrong. You know how sometimes when you take a drink of Coke, the fizz bubbles up the back of your throat and into your nose, and it kind of burns a little bit? Well imagine a soda twice as carbonated and with CAPSAICIN EXTRACT in it doing that.

No, thank you very much, I’ll stay right the hell away from Loco Soda.

Well, then you’re showing "contempt after investigation! Nothing wrong with that! :smiley:

Actually, my glib reply when someone tells me something along the lines of “you don’t know if you like it 'till you try it” is “Oh yeah? Well, I’ve never tried jamming a meat thermometer through my testicles, but I can state categorically that I won’t like it”.

But I just say that to be difficult. You’re still right.

And then there’s the stock: Sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie, but I’ll never know 'cause I wouldn’t eat the filthy motherfucker.

I guess since I’ve already posted two off-topic replys, I should probably at least make an attempt to help you out. Check out this website. I don’t see Loco Soda listed specifically on there, but very few sodas are truly unique and I wouldn’t be surprised if you found the exact same thing on there under a different name.

If you can’t find anything, their brick-and-mortar shop is only about 5 miles from my apartment, so I could go in there and ask about it. I bet they could either special order it or tell me where to find it.

Thanks, Cisco but it appears Loco Soda has gone belly-up and manufactures the stuff no more. :mad:

Skeleteens, makers of “brain Wash” also seems to have gone away, but a few sites still claim to have a stock. Perhaps I’ll order some.

Either that, or go back to my musings on stronger ginger beer!

Do let us know if you find something similar. That looks like something I would have enjoyed, especially reading the BevNET reviews.

In the meantime, what about Tabasco? No tomato in that, and I bet the vinegar would be masked by the acidity of the soda itself.