Logan's Run and "the computer is your friend"

I would like to have an audio clip of “Remain calm, the computer is your friend” (IIRC) from the end of Logan’s Run (when the city is falling and everyone is running). Searched, but no joy. Can anyone help?

I don’t recall it saying that.

The computer doesn’t say anything remotely similar to that. The last coherent lines the computer has are something like “input contrary…contrary…contrary…will not resist, Logan 5…unacceptable…unacceptable…” then there are some garbled syllables and what sounds like “stop…stop…stop.” The computer goes silent well before the start of the destruction of the City.

The OP is confusing Logan’s Run with the best RPG ever, Paranoia.

“The Computer is Your Friend.” is from the RPG Paranoia.

“Remain calm. All is well.” is what Neidermeyer says at the end of **Animal House ** when everything is falling apart.

Damn you two!

I came in here to make the Paranoia comment. What a great game.

I think the OP may be thinking of the Chrome Robot from THX 1138, who says that sort of thing all the time.

Paranoia is awesome. It’s been revised and reprinted as Paranoia XP. Go buy copies for all your friends.

Found this linked from Greg Costikyan (the designer)'s blog: Troubleshooter Mission Briefing

Not Neidermeyer, it’s a different ROTC that wasn’t a major character.

That guy is run over and flattened by the crowd while Neidermeyer is scooped up by the hand on an out of control float.

It was Kevin Bacon in his first major screen role as Omega freshman Chip Diller.

“Excuse me, Citizen… is there a Tank-Bot on our requisition form?”

Cheap-ass self-promotion: My Paranoia adventure module (Second Edition, pre-XP).

Ièm sorry citizens but are you cleared to distribute such information. The security clearance is Blue. Please report to teh disintigration chambers and have a nice day.

Your friend the Computer

Looks pretty darn good, rjung. And it should be pretty easy to run in Paranoia XP – just drop almost all of the stats. :slight_smile: