Logitech - Please go the fuck out of business

No doubt. Panasonic used to be fantastic, but they seem to have moved mostly out of the peripherals market into other consumer products, although I have to say that the Panasonic rice cooker I have is fantastic. And my Panasonic plasma TV is still chugging right along and looking fantastic after 11 years.

But yeah, Anker is also fantastic. So is Logitech really. I think someone upthread hit the nail on the head when they said they’re fantastic at manufacturing and design, but maybe not so great at retailing.

I’ve never had problems with Microsoft accessories, as well as Belkin and StarTech.

I guess this explains why it took them so long to release a software/driver upgrade for Windows 10. The “unified” keyboard is probably one of the best I’ve ever used as far as comfort is concerned. I also have a Logitech mouse because of the “unify” feature (and also, the side buttons…that was something that was pretty hard to find on an otherwise basic mouse at the time). Microsoft makes good mice too.

I’ve had some Belkin accessories too; I’ve been especially pleased with their speakers. The only big disappointment from them was a wireless router I bought years ago; it was beautiful, but this came at the expense of removing all of the indicator lights except for a single one on top that would sometimes turn amber if there was a problem. (I think the general idea was that you were meant to view connection status information on the router’s home page.) It eventually quit working, and I ended up with a Netgear that has loads of little blinking lights on it.

Well, I’ve decided to complain anyway :smiley:
The keyboard has become wonky to the point of not responding at all about half the time.

I suspect it’s a battery issue - but I’ve owned it for 4 weeks, and I’ve never had a keyboard battery go bad that quickly. I think they dug one out of the back of the warehouse somewhere, with batteries that were on their deathbeds.

It also feels flimsy as hell. I’m currently using a Dell wireless keyboard that feels a lot more substantial. Things like home/end keys are also in more usual places on the Dell.

Hey, that sounds familiar! The rechargeable battery in my Logitech keyboard finally got to the point where it would barely hold a charge for a day. It turns out that this particular model can also use plain old alkaline batteries…maybe yours is the same way.

Of course, the flimsiness doesn’t sound typical of the Logitech keyboards I’ve used; maybe they’re slippng in quality. Even the sub-$20 keyboard/trackpad combo I got for my hobby computer is surprisingly sturdy.

Get a battery tester. They are cheap and easy to find, I own 3 of them myself (one I keep upstairs in my house, one I keep downstairs at my house, and a tiny one I carry in a travel backpack that I use at work or in other situations outside of my home). Amazon sells them for just a bit over $5. If you suspect a battery is low just pop it out and test it, and then you don’t have to speculate anymore.

And I’ve found that if I have a remote or other device that uses two batteries, swapping them (left to right, for example) improves performance for a little while.

Used a Logitech trackball and still have an old headset mic which works great - never had a problem with Logitech.

I have to agree with this as well. Mine died a year ago, after ten years of solid service in my job; I love that thing.