Lois or Lana?



I’ll take em’ both on, and make a hero sandwich.

Teri Hatcher Lois, who can only be trumped by Kristen Kreuk Lana


I second it.

Sally Selwyn, the only real choice.

Lori Lemaris.

Or Lex, yes.

Stacy Haiduk. With red hair.


Mary Ann.

Well, I got problems here. Continuity wise, I mean.

I vote a straight Betty/Betty/Mary-Anne ticket on these discussions, but you got your comic book (pre-Crisis), your comic book (post-Crisis), your George Reed Superman, your Christopher Reeves Superman, your Lois and Clark, your Smallville, it’s a big old mess and both of 'em don’t necessarily show up in the same thing… it’s kind of like asking “Butter or Ford?”

That being said, and me not wanting to think too much or ruin the game for everybody else, y’all have fun now. In a couple of weeks when you notice that Lex and Chloe aren’t around any more and I haven’t posted for a while, I’m sure somebody’ll figure it out.

burundi, should you happen to see this post, you’re welcome to drop by if you like. Bring some tropical drinks.

Lois, cause Lana’s mine!

Dear Some Guy: Lori Lemaris can’t seriously be considered, because she’s incapable of a relationship with an air-breather. Let’s face it: when the time comes, whe just swims upstream and spawns.


A minor difficulty at best. I mean, Aquaman used to drive around with an aquarium on a truck; I’m sure we could work out something similar.

I have a friend with this name. Isn’t this some superheroine’s alias?

Smallville Lana is quite possibly the perfect woman.

Smallville Lana doesn’t even compare to redhead Stacy Haiduk Lana.

How about Annette O’Toole Lana from Superman III?
Or Diane Sherry Lana from the first Christopher Reeve Superman movie?

Pah, kids these days. No attention span at all.