Loki cast question

I’m housesitting at a place with Disney+ so I’m bingeing it while i can. I did Mandalorian, and WandaVision, and am working on Loki. I’ve checked all the cast lists i can find online, but none of them say who’s playing Owen Wilson’s nose. I mean it’s a major character, because while it’s onscreen you can’t look at anything else–talk about screen presence! Based on that quality alone I’ve narrowed it down to Sean Penn or Cher. I think Cher would require more hours in the makeup chair than Penn–his head is just to big for him to be an easy fit for the part. But beyond that i have no clue. It’s clearly a big name; a working actor wouldn’t make sense as a cameo. In any case, their performance is riveting but subtle. Are cameos eligible for Emmys?


The role of Owen Wilson’s nose was played by Luke Wilson.

Naah, it’s clearly a prize fighter from the 80s…

A prize fighter with no insurance, so no visit to a doctor after he was knocked out in the big fight.

His character is named, “Mobius” because of the shape of his septum.

No, Luke Wilson has negative screen presence.

The divots on Owen Wilson’s nose are played by Luke Wilson.

Owen Wilson’s nose was replaced with Folger’s Crystals in an attempt to see if he’d notice.