Loki guest stars on The Simpsons?

I’ve seen a few clips lately of Loki appearing on The Simpsons. Did Tom Hiddleston do the voice? What’s the episode number?

It’s a short on Disney+ but yes Hiddleston did the voice.

It’s a 6m short on Disney+ called The Good, the Bart, and the Loki


Ralph as the Hulk: “I messed up my pants in a different way!”

Right–“six minutes”.
In true Disney/Marvel fashion, the credits start rolling at 2:30. :rofl:

And there is a mid-credits scene, an after-credits scene, and an after production logos scene. But it is still all only 4:33, not six minutes.

An after production logos scene that mocks the practice of mid-credits scenes, no less.

“This is what happens when Disney buys Marvel and Fox.”

Loki transforming from his Bart-form into Loki while lying in Bart’s bed-- just in time for Homer to come in and catch him. But instead of Homer being horrified, he deliberately kisses Loki on the forehead. Heh heh. Homer can be easily bribed with food.