lolcats question

OK, I’m a dork, but some of those lolcats things have been responsible for my most painful laughing fits in recent times.

So yeah, I made a couple of my own. But they’ve been sitting there for like ever, without any votes–yea or nay. How do make sure they get voted on? Of course I know that most, if not all, will be rejected as not funny enough. But still, it’s worse not knowing, you know?

No links?

How to get your lolcats voted on?

  1. Post about them on the Dope.

  2. Post links to them.

Your missing a step.

Fixed it for you.

But you didn’t fix my your to you’re!:smack:

They’re embarrassingly unfunny. Can I post them through a sock? Dang.

Maybe I’ll post some later, if I come up with something worth voting on . . .

Post 10 links and stick one or two of yours in amongst them. Repeat until all are done.

You can has cat macro.

Oh, what the hell. I’ll go ahead and claim responsibility for these. Positive feedback only–:cool:–if you don’t like it, don’t vote for it. And let’s see some more from others, so I don’t feel too much like I’m standing in front of the class in my underwear. (Final disclaimer: things are never as funny wrote down as they are in my head.)

I like the “seenkra-nice…water ballay” one. I gave five cheezburger.

I think I should change the Shark one to, “Feel like lunch?”

U r a booby! Liked that. Think you’re overdoing the spelling, it’s a bit too hard to read on some of them.

Yeah, I’m not sure what the culture is; most of them have that babytalk spelling. I figured I should play by the local rules, but yeah, it can be annoying.

My favorite was the booby one!

I know it was for a joke, Etumretniw, but please do not change the text inside a quote box. We’d prefer you just paraphrase, or create a quote without anyone’s name attributed to it.

Can we change the color?

Are you claiming to be the Grapist sock? :wink:

Does anyone else have any of these?

No U. Classic merging of the memes. Just classic.

The shark one was my favorite, but this would be a definite improvement.