London! London! London! London! Olympics!


I’m totally shocked. Here I am in Tianjin China and I’m giddy over London being given the Olympics. I’m an American, but my mother is English and I celebrate any British victory as my own.

Oh baby!!! Yeah!!! Paris must wait another 4 or 8 years!!!
So…uh…what is your opinion?

I’m so happy! First, Beijing gets its long deserved Olympics and now London! I’m so happy!!!

Well, I’m hoping for another “badger badger badger” movie, this time to commerate the Olympics.

Assuming it doesn’t rain for 6 weeks straight.

How does that expression go about England? Oh yes:

“If you like the food, you’ll love the weather.”

Still, my congrats to all our British Dopers…I am sure it will be a fantastic event and they will do it up right!


Would you care to explain why its “long deserved”?

For political reasons I don’t think they deserve them at all, but that’s me.

Very happy France did not get it.
Happiest NYC not getting it as nobody here really wanted it. Over 70% were against it.

Didn’t they want to have volleyball under the Eiffel Tower or something like tht/ That is both wrong and intriguing.

Just as long as the Olympics are held anywhere that I dont live, I’m happy.

About 4 years ago, Seattle organizers were going full speed ahead to get the 2012 games. Then they found out most of the people around here dont want the trouble and mess.

I’ll just watch on TV. Who the hell wants to pay $100 for a ticket to watch Paraguay play Croatia in field hockey anyways?

I used to love the Olympics when it was USA vs. USSR. Now I dont really care how many Gold medals the US gets.

Tickets prices are going to start at £15

Yeah, but Paraguay-Croatia’s a real hot rivalry in women’s field hockey. Like Belarus-Philippines in men’s badminton, or Saudi Arabia-Tibet in the 50-m. skeet shoot…

*What? *

Oh, then fuhgeddaboudit!

I was over there for 10 years last summer and didn’t have a bad meal. And the weather was baking hot. I was as surprised as anyone.

I’m happy for my Brit friends, since they indeed seemed to want this.

:smack: Holy shit! 10 days! 10 days!

Even driving on the wrong side of the road, with my 72-year-old mother, it seemed nothing like 10 years… :rolleyes:

Hmm, in seven years, my two youngest children will be 13 and 15, and the oldest should be out of the house. I’ll either have four weeks vacation at work, or several books out and enough money to go.

Looking good. Congratulations to England for getting it, and to NYC for not.

Chirac can go to hell (but Paris should not).

My only thrill is watching the NBA thug millionaires lose.

We all know the real reason NYC lost is because of that Apprentice girl.

I just visited London and Paris, and deep down, I was rooting for London to get the Olympics. Congratulations to all involved.

I just worked out how old I’ll be when it comes here… damn. Put it this way. I’ll be ticking another age range on those clipboards…
Nevertheless I’ll really chuffed. Born in the East End of London and seen it decline since. They really need the revitalisation, and if I as a tax payer have to fork out some dough, then so be it.
Right, off to get training. Wonder what discipline I should enter…

The great thing about it is that taxpayers will have to foot only half the bill. The government is paying for the rest.

(Credit to Dead Badger)