London Terror Attacks

To those responsible: fuck you.

Fox is reporting 90 dead at this time.

Go Fox, make up those numbers!

Yes, fuck you to whoever is responsible. You’ve achieved fuck all.

What I’m hearing in the States from my local ABC affiliate is 2 deaths, 90 injuries. Perhaps Fox is mistaking injuries for casualties? This figure was updated on the news while I was typing this.


BBC news, who’d probably know best right now are reporting 2 dead, undetermined injured (lots though).

In these situations, BBC tend to be reliable, but slower to report. They wait until they can be confident that what they’re saying is correct. So this probably means 2 fatalities is the confirmed figure from the police so far.

Fox is reporting 2 deaths and 90 casualties.

2 dead, 17 serious injuries, 10 life threatening according to the Royal Holloway.

The term casualties includes both dead and injured. Fox News say 90 casualties.

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I’d also like to add a FUCK YOU. Fuckers. :mad:

I’m told that a website, alleged to be Al-Qaeda, is now claiming credit.

Yep. This is all fuckedupeddly familiar.

Let’s hope the Brits do the job properly.

Australian hotline (for relatives only) 1300 555 135 (Department of Foreign Affairs)

Is there an American one?

(Apologies if this is in a thread elsewhere)
We’re all thinking of you guys over there.

And what might that be? Attack Norway? I’m sure there’ll be a proper investigation and criminal charges levelled. Let’s hope we don’t have another birmingham 7 and Guildford four. Let’s get the real guilty bastards and not the first dubious-looking Muslims we come across.

Goddammit! Fuuuuuuccck. My heart goes out to Londoners.

Boy I bet they’re glad that Saddam is out of power, the world is safe from terror now…


/had to be said

I am incredibly impressed at how it’s being handled both by the public and the emergency response teams in the live footage. There’s no rent a crowd and everything is being dealt with calmly and efficiently.

No, it really didn’t have to be said. Not now.

Sadly, London’s all too familiar with this kind of thing. Just about the only aspect that we’ve not seen before is multiple attacks at once.

What a fucking dick. When people are suffering, it’s time to put the ideologue to bed and wake up the part of you capable of basic human compassion. If such a part exists.

I think it’ll probably turn out that most of the guilty parties are beyond punishment. SOP these days.