London Terror Attacks

When the dust has cleared, people treated with medical care, the streets cleared, the funerals over with – then we’ll get into the political whys and why nots. Right now is not the time.

Another point on the lack of chaos - the Russell Square attacks, which seem to be the bulk of the footage currently being shown, were just around the corner from the British Medical Association HQ. So there was certainly no lack of expert assistance.

The real concern is that there are people trapped in the underground, in King’s Cross station as far as I can tell. I used to live right next to that station. The bus that blew up is near my university on Russell Square.
Cell phones down. Trying to contact my friends that still live in the dorm I lived in. No such luck so far. :frowning:

Hey fuck you, I’ve been completely passionate. I sat from my office 3 blocks from the towers and watched corpses rain from the skies, so I’m pretty sure I can relate to the chaos and confusion taking place over there. I have friends, family, and co-workers that are in London this very second, and I’m totally stressed about their plight as well as that of all Londoners. Perhaps my comment could have waited, but oh well, too late now. <shrug>

Agreed. The best way we can do that is to kill the hijack and not mention my comments again.

Ok everyone?

This time, if you want to link a terrorist attack in the West to Iraq, there’s a good chance you’d be right (thanks to GWB).

The train bombs in Spain weren’t suicide bombings, just backpacks left behind. I wonder if this was done the same way.

Yeah, OK. Look, I’m against the war in Iraq and the current administration, too, but there’s no reason to bring it up when there are still bodies being rushed to hospitals. I apologize for flying off the handle.

Agreed, World Eater, and sorry if it sounded like I was having a go at you. There are others getting up on their soapboxes now – hopefully, not too many, until we can see through the haze.

If so, it can’t have been exactly the same - the Spanish attacks were triggered remotely by mobile phone, which won’t have been possible with the Russell Square train.

No prob guys.

Has the “power surge” theory been debunked yet? Hard to have one of those on a bus isn’t it?

From my constant scanning of the net, pretty much everyone’s agreeing it was bombs now.

Seems to have been quietly forgotten.

The positive thing about the London underground is that there’s enough CCTV cameras to eventually get a decent picture of what happened. The Russell Square blast was on a bus, not on a train. But in any case, the blasts on the tube could not be set off by a cell phone. Absolutely no service on most of the stations. Now the death toll is rising. Edgware Road and Aldgate seem to have caused the most deaths.
Some reports say up to 20 deaths. BBC just confirmed the bit on deaths in Edgware, but no numbers so far.
Still waiting to contact my friends. No landline and the cell phones are dead.
As for the comment on Iraq, and to reports on Al Qaeda, could we agree to wait till the picture clears then discuss this? Please.
130 people have been released from hospital after suffering minor injuries. 183 brought in in total. Eight are in serious condition. These are conditions in the Royal London Hospital/BBC

Here’s hoping the death toll rises no higher than 2. A forlorn hope, probably, but we can keep our fingers crossed.

Hoping along side you.

“England expects that every man will do his duty.”
Godspeed my friends. Godspeed.

I agree with you.

It’s higher. The two first reported were from Aldgate East station, with a third dying at Royal London hospital. (According to AFX)

There’s a train stuck in a tunnel near King’s Cross station. Police say there are many casualties and fatalities. (AFX)

Police have confirmed fatalities at Edgware Road but did not mention any numbers. (BBC reporter)

Bloomberg is reporting 8 dead.

This is horrible, just horrible! To our London Dopers: you’re in our thoughts and we hope the casualties stay low. Please keep us updated and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.


Hang on in there. Just remember that as you can’t phone them, they can’t phone you either. Looking at the chaos it is going to take everyone a long time to get home or to a working phone.

As you said, the CCTV on the underground is extensive, let’s hope they get who really did this.

This brings Depeche Mode to mind, “So we’re different colours and different creeds, and different people have different needs; it’s obvious you hate me though I’ve done nothing wrong, I’ve never even met you so what could I have done?” (‘People are People’)

This is all soooooooooooooo fucked up.