Van hits pedestrians at London Bridge

I’m watching on Sky News, not been confirmed as a terrorist incident yet.

BBC have a reporter who was there as it happened, and may have been the first person who called the incident in, she’s just had to get off the phone to talk to the police.

Sky News is reporting information about rapid gunfire, they’re also reporting a knife attack.

None of this is confirmed yet, but it certainly isn’t looking like a drunk who lost control of their van while driving.

Second incident reported at Borough Market. No details provided as of yet

It’s basically the same location. The van hit a wall adjacent to the market, by stairs going directly down. Driver probably tried to run and was chased.

I’ve got blues lights going past me and I’m 2 miles away, which is some distance away in a big city.

Al Jazerra’s studio is literally inside the codon, at the Shard. Reporters looking out their windows.

I’m not sure some of these victims could have been hit by the van. It’s odd, almost as if they jumped out the van and started stabbing people randomly …


We were in London on holiday in October. Stood right on the spot and took photos at Westminster when the attack there occurred earlier this year. Next day we were exactly on the spot on London Bridge and down in Borough Market for coffee and lunch where this is now taking place.

Another incident reported at Vauxhall, reported on Metropolitan police Twitter feed.

This is unusual:

Incident ongoing then, or at least potentially so

They’ll be worried about an organised roaming attack after the initial act a la Mumbai, esp. if there is something at Vauxhall.

Yep. This is from a Times journo on a night out or something

The cops aren’t fucking about

tbh, Vauxhall is open now and it’s been almost 2 hours so I’d guess the worst is over.

My nephew and his wife were on The Bridge as this went down. They are safe but terribly shaken of course.


So three men jumped out the van, ran into the market and ran in and out of pubs stabbing people. Some people in the pubs fought back and they ran off again … madness.

Theresa May, UK Prime Minister, has confirmed that the acts are being investigated as a potential act of terrorism.

How come I am seeing a shitload of people walking down the street with their hands over their heads, reminds me of ww2 prisoners of war. This was sky footage.

I saw the same footage, apparently was herd mentality, according to an interview. Someone started it and the rest of the crowd followed.