LonDopers: What're y'all doin' November 29th-30th?

Hi there! I’m going to be visiting your lovely city in late November, and would love the opportunity to meet with as many of you as can be reasonably fit into one room while still leaving space for copious amounts of booze. Obviously, I’m at your tender mercies when it comes to choosing a specific venue. Please be gentle with me.

I look forward to meeting as many as possible. Although I suspect that, having given you a head’s up, I’ll find London looking like it did in 28 Days Later. Which, at least, will give me the opportunity to look through all your stuff. :wink:

Ummm, have you looked at the current Winter LonDope thread? I think it should fill your needs quite nicely, at least as it’s shaping up so far.

Here’s yer link. Nov 29th has already been booked for beer activities.

Nice when everything falls into place.

I’d missed that thread. Thanks for the head’s up, Eva and Tansu!