Long road names

I tend to write my address quickly and sometime it even pains me to write North so I just use “N”. I came across a beaut of a road name here in Ohio: Stonelick Williams Corner Road. Gotta be a story there.


One of my favorites is Squankum Yellowbrook Road in Farmington, NJ. We used to pass it on our way to the Jersey Shore, and it immediately set my mind singing
Follow the Yellowbrook Road
Follow the Yellowbrook Road
Follow the, Follow the, Follow the, Follow the, Follow the Yellowbrook Road
We’re off to see the Wizard
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
It’d be great if GPS navigation apps were to sing that song – in high-pitched Munchkin voices – to indicate you should turn there

Recently we took a trip in Italy. Many of the road names were a mouthful for the GPS; lots of times we missed the turn because it took her so long to spit it out.
Other times we just missed the turn, okay? Don’t yell at me. Turn here, right here, here dammit! * Recalculating*

Not very long, but there is a street in Hull, in the UK, called the Land of Green Ginger.

Brewster, NY, has a Farm to Market Road. Unlike similar roads, such as those in Texas, it has no state designation nor abbreviation (“FM”).

There’s a square in Paramaribo called Onafhankelijkheidsplein.

I think this falls more or less in the category of “Never play word games with Scandinavian folks”.


My road( yes I am all alone on it, we also own most of its frontage) is 3 long words long ending in ‘Road’. Recently the county has assigned us an enumeration. We feel so special. The number is the exact number as a state highway near us. So 911 responders will never get here if I am ever in need. I’ll never make them understand it’s a county road. Such is my life.

There’s a South Kimball Bridge Crossing in Alpharetta, GA. That’s definitely way too long.

Not particularly long, but in my neck of the woods there’s a Jones Sausage Road. I’m sure there’s a story behind that one too!

Berkeley renamed one of its streets Martin Luther King Jr Way, usually contracted in writing to “MLKJ Way,” and in speech to “Milky Way”.

Kind of loses something in contraction, I think…

The area I grew up in has a General Leroy Manor Road (it’s commonly called Manor Road). It was named after Leroy Manor, who grew up in the area.

There is a short two block long street in downtown Los Angeles called General Thaddeus Kosciuszko Way.

I once lived on Run of the Oaks. . .
Apparently in memory of all those oak trees that were cut down to build cheap apartment buildings.

Here in Panama we had the Calle Combatientes del Gueto de Varsovia, commemorating the Jewish uprising against the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943. I see that at present it the name seems to have been changed to Calle Jose Isaac Fabrega.

In this case, Dutch. Paramaribo is the capital of Suriname, formerly Dutch Guiana. It means “Independence Square.”

Well, I did hedge with, “more or less”. I think some of the Danes drifted over that way.


I used to live near Old Upper Middle Rd in Oakvilke, Ontario. :slight_smile:

We have “Bread and Cheese Hollow road” in my town. When we lived in San Diego, it was on “Caminito Carmel Landing”, which always seemed like a long name to me.

The only long place names (of a town, not a road) I know of are “Tacarembo la Tumba del Fuego Santa Malipas Zacatecas la Junta del Sol y Cruz”. It’s in Brazil.

I hear one resident is moving to Wales, to live in “Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch”.

We have, “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive”. That’s a mouthful.

My guess is that one end of the road is at Stonelick, which is probably named (directly or indirectly) for a salt lick near a stone or something like that, while the other end is at William’s Corner which is named for the guy who used to live there, maybe he ran a little shop.